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Glock 36 ??

  1. I just got home from the local gun show where I was checking out a G36.
    It felt very good in my hand and it looks like a fun pistol.
    I would like some feedback from those of you that own one.
  2. My brother had one for a couple of years. We put many rounds through it. Probably 5K or more. It never failed. It shoots very good, not as soft as a G30 but soft enough for the fact it is throwing a big .45 slug.

    All in all an nice gun and great choice for CCW.
  3. Just to let you know as a heads up you are gonna hear both sides (positive & negative) about the G36. I think the best way to give you feedback on it, is to address some of the key issues I have seen posted on other G36 threads, that you may have come across as well. I bought a G36 new a couple of months back and have about 600+ rds of firing through it. I cannot be more happier with it. I'm not anywhere near an expert on it, but this is my opinion after buying one.

    "G36 is flawed with FTE issues"

    I have shot over 600+ rds of Blazer ALUMINUM through it and never once had any issues. I know there are others here that have had thousands more rds fired with no issues. I bought 3 spare glock factory magazines in addition to the 2 that came with it and no issues. Although I do know there are defective G36s out there, there are probably several thousands that aren't since its inception in 1999. Keep in mind how many have been sold since then. Also, you most likely rarely hear from a G36 owner that has had no issues with the G36. .The only thing, I would caution you on is buying a used G36. It may have the FTE issues, and the seller merely passing it to the next person, who will in turn sell it and so on.

    "The G36 too small for big hands and you may experience the magazine pinching you as you fire"

    I have big hands and to me it is still very comfortable to handle and fire. I haven't had yet any kind of pinching between the magazine and the stock.

    "G36 is not a fun pistol to shoot"
    IMO, this is a half truth statement. The G36 is NOT a range pistol, it is a pistol for defense. If you are looking for a pistol to take to the range to put a few 100rds through for fun, the G36 is not for you. It will begin to sting your hand after about 100rds of firing at a range. I bought mine for CCW only. I shoot very accurately up to 100rds, well enough to maintain proficiency with it, when it goes to the range.

    "G36 hurts after 100rds"
    Going along with it not being a range pistol, I don't plan on carrying 100rds with me when I conceal carry. Nor do I for see a situation needing 100+ rds to be concerned with my accurately being degraded.

    "Glock 36 only holds 6+1 rds, that is not enough"
    I feel its sufficient carrying only 13 rds (7rds, plus 1 spare mag) while CC'ing in the public setting. Others will argue, its not enough. I see it as if I haven't stopped or escaped the threat with 13 .45 cal rds, I've got worse problems then having no rds left.

    "The Glock 36 kicks too much"
    Go to the range and try one for yourself. See if it is too much recoil for you and don't base it off of other people's opinions on here. It always comes down to shot placement. Only you can judge your recoil control.

    Overall it always comes down to, what you prefer and are comfortable with. Go to a range and test one out before you buy it. I hope this helped. Good luck.
  4. Buy it, you will enjoy it. Very accurate and fun to shoot.
  5. Mine has been 100% reliable out of the box with plus/minus 1,500 rounds. But do a search and you might end up with a 'bad taste in your mouth.'
  6. Very well said!!! Should be a sticky for the G36

    Mine was always perfect (about 800 rounds) for accuracy, feeding and reliability. It did, however, hurt my hands when shooting one handed. I sold it to a friend with somewhat smaller hands and it runs 100% for him but with no pain at all. I find the perfection in my G30 and he finds it in his G36. YMMV.
  7. Here's another +1 for the 36!!
    It's either on me in a Supertuck or on my nightstand..
    When I'm carrying, it's with 2 spare mags; I've never felt "undergunned" with 19 rounds (6+1/6/6).....
  8. +1 Glock36fs.... good post

    I probably CCW my G36 more than any other glock, by a wide margin....

    If you do get one, look for Win Ranger T's, or Federal HST 230's...
    nasty rounds....:scared:
  9. I love mine, if more than 6 rounds in a magazine is important to you though you won't want this gun.

    The recoil is bearable, it's really not that bad.

    I'd suggest getting the Pierce grip extensions (not the +1). I have size large hands and with the extensions I have no problem with the grip.

    Like everyone else has said, this gun is very reliable at least with my experience 1,000 or so rounds and only 1 issue and that was the primer or the ammo.
  10. well my glock 36 is a gen 2.5 and i have shot aprox 300 rounds through it. My first 100 rounds produced 5 F.T.E.'s, it went back to my local gun shop who contacted glock about the problem they decided to put in a new extractor, well the next 200 rounds produced 2 F.T.E.'s so we are getting better. The ammo used was w.w.b, rem golden sabre and federal all had ejection probs, win. ranger has not produced any problems as of yet. I love this gun for concealed carry as far as size and comfort but it now stays at home because of the ejection problem and i just shoot it for fun. Before i get the normal "limp wristing comments" thats not the case, the gun could have been mounted in a vice and would have had the same problem. Its really too bad because it is a great carry gun. Maybe it will go back to glock again but glock tells me that nothing is wrong with it so i dont know what i am going to do.
  11. +another for the 36. This is my first post here. The G36 is my first Glock. I wanted a compact .45 to carry. My local gun stores only had G30s, no 36s. I held out on buying a 30 until I could hold the 36. I found one at a local gun show. I liked the way the 36 felt in my hands better. I traded/bought the 36 about 2 weeks ago. I shot it for the first time today. I put 100 rounds of Blazer Brass and 12 Hornady JHPs through it. I had zero problems. The gun felt and shot great.

    I have searched and read a lot about the 36 before purchasing one. I am by no means a gun/Glock expert. Here is what I think of some of the "problems" above

    "G36 is flawed with FTE issues"
    I do not have many rounds through mine but my experience so far, 112 rounds, I have had no issues. Currently I have a crappy low paying job so money is tight. And .45s are hard to find around here unless you want to pay 1.5-2 times what they should cost. I will eventually get more rounds through it as time and money allow.

    "The G36 too small for big hands and you may experience the magazine pinching you as you fire"
    I am 6'3 250lbs. I have big hands but not very large hands. The 36 felt better in my hand than the 30 did, which was the deciding factor for me. I have not shot the 30 to compare. The mag did not pinch my hand, the gun felt great to me. It is not too small for me.

    "G36 is not a fun pistol to shoot"

    To me it is a blast to shoot for what it is. I bought it to be a carry gun. If I wanted a .45 to shoot thousands of rounds through at the range I would have opted for something bigger. But with my limited experience with it, it is fun.

    "G36 hurts after 100rds"

    It did not hurt me after 112 rounds. Like I said above, money and a limited supply of ammo stopped me from shooting another 100 rounds.

    "Glock 36 only holds 6+1 rds, that is not enough"

    It is enough for me. I have previously carried a S&W 38 revolver and a Walther PPK 380 made in W. Germany from 1976. The 6+1 is sufficient for me. I am carrying for personal protection, not a war.

    "The Glock 36 kicks too much"

    I have previously owned a S&W full size MP45 and have shot a few 1911s. Before shooting my new 36 I have never shot a compact .45. I expected the 36 to kick harder than it does. Sure it kicks harder than a 9mm. It kicks too hard for my wife. Im not saying it does not kick, but for me it is controllable and bearable.

    These are my experiences and yours may vary. It all comes down to personal opinion. If you can, rent or borrow one and try it out.

    Overall, I think this will be a great carry gun for me. I hope I never have to use it to defend life, but if I do, I feel confident I can use it effectively. It is a great little gun and I am glad I bought one. This is my first Glock and not my last. I am already looking at the 17s and 19s for a general range/fun gun.
  12. Good input, but really for a first post?? Plagiarism??...ahh your a happy G36 owner. I'll let it go.:supergrin: Welcome.
  13. i lub mine
  14. Would never part with mine, either of them.
    Great handgun!
  15. I bought one of the first ones. It shot PowRball, some low profile hollow points, and expanding FMJ pretty good but almost all golden Saber and Gold Dots jammed like mad.

    I sold it, got a G23 and never looked back. However, now days after reading how ell the new 36's are doing I am looking at getting another one.
  16. I have had mine since 2001 and it has a lasermax in it. This has been my primary CCW and still looks new. Great gun IMHO.
  17. I have decided against a G36, not enough rounds to bother with IMO.
  18. My 36 is my favorite Glock pistol. I absolutely love it. It's accurate reliable and a joy to carry. I highly recommend this firearm. :wavey:
  19. I have changed my mind about this pistol....I think that they are a good gun. My friend had one when they first came out...had a really bad trigger, lot stiffer than a glock, and I have 4 glocks. He got rid of it. I have played with several others and their triggers are ok. If I wanted a smaller 45acp this would be the gun I would get.
  20. Hey OOblkgt,hows the lasermax holding up?I've been considering buy one.Any idea how many rounds you've ran with it?Any input appreciated
  21. The G36 is my favorite Glock, even ahead of my G19.
    Having owned some other compact .45s such as the Colt Officers Model, I think the 36 recoils less than them. I reckon I've got about 1,000 rounds thru mine and it's never had any problems whatsoever *knock on wood*.
    It's my chief carry gun, previously in a Don Hume JIT beltslide, now in a new Crossbreed Supertuck (just got it and am really impressed!).
    Granted, I don't put more than 100 rounds thru it in one session but then I usually am shooting my 1911 or G19 too.
    With a spare mag, I figure 13 rounds is more than I'd ever need. It fits my hand perfectly, is controllable, concealable, fun to shoot and always works.
  22. I really like mine. It is still relatively new, but prefer the feel over my G19. Only downside is mag capacity, but I can live with that for something that I can enjoy shooting and shoot well.
  23. Roll the dice, it may work, it may not...
  24. That's BS.
  25. I have only run around 50 rnds. through my newer (June 2009), that I purchased used, G36 - and it works well. Milspec hardball, four brands of JHP, all digested and shot. Most times carried w/ only six rounds. Believe that some CCW folks fantisize being involved in larger gunfights than reality would dictate. I am 57 years old, and have never been in a situation needing a drawn weapon - let alone firing multiple rounds. Not saying it could never happen - but weigh your own probabilities, and good luck.
  26. Those little short, slim single-stack mags carry easily in a pocket!
    Also make for lightening-fast reloads...
  27. Carrying mine now. At first I was concerned about the low round count, but look at the majority of the snubby revolvers....no one really ever complained about them so much. Getting over the mental hurdle is half the battle. If you can't stop a threat with 6+1 230g HP's and a backup mag, 13-17 rounds with a backup mag won't help that much either because you're in over your head.:wow:
  28. When I decided to buy a sub compact .45, I looked at alot of guns....most of the ones I liked were alot more expensive than my budget could afford. Then I looked at the g36. It was everything I wanted. Small, affordable, powerful and light. I don't think it's recoil is more than my .40 cal. I really like it. Have had no issues with it.
  29. You want compact with a large caliber, you have to sacrifice something, somewhere. People have carried 5 and 6-shot compact revolvers for 100 years.
    Think about it, if you needed to reload after firing 6 (or 7 if you had one chambered) rounds, do you want to use a speedloader or a magazine?

    Those little short, slim G36 mags are super-fast to load.
    Also, since they're single-stack, the loaded rounds are held very securely in place, ready to go.
  30. I ordered a pair of G19's today, I decided against the G36.
  31. Bought my G36 from a friend after shooting it, the G30, and the G21. It has the 3 lbs connector in it and I've had the trigger worked on by a master Glock armourer. It rocks! It did not like brass Blazers at least in my hand. I went to Winchester White Box 230s and never looked back. Between him and I we have about 1200 rounds through it so far. I will be trying a Lone Wolf barrel in it with 230gr LRNs soon also. I'll report.

    What can I say; the gun just fits me. I've shot Glocks for years (G17, G19, G26) and this thing is just flat out fun. It has become my favorite carry gun, even over the G26. I've worn it for the past 4 days IWB (Tucker Gunleather 'Cover-Up'). It is accurate, and it is fast, even shooting one-handed. It is one mean pistol with Speer short-barrel 230gr Gold Dots!
  32. I love mine. Fits my hand, IWB perfect and shoots great.
  33. I have some of those rounds......no problems feeding?
    How is the recoil?
  34. Mine has no problem feeding 200gr. Gold Dots
  35. I was hesitant to buy G36 because bad feedbacks in this forum. I concluded about 25-30% buyers were having many issues. Still, I decided to take a chance. I had a FTF and stove-pipe issue during first 100 rounds of fire. I have not had any issues since. I fed all kinds of rounds, FMJ, re-loads and HP. I wish Glock came out with G36 RTF2... but I hear they have no plans to do so.

    G36 shoots with notable recoil than G19, smoother than G23, definately smoother than G27.

    Good luck, and hope you get a good G36.
  36. Feeding...no problem. I'd think the 200gr GDs would have more tendency to hang up; they are the quintessential FLYING ASHTRAY. The 230ge has a wide mouth too, but the extra length of the 230gr gives it a bit more room to have some contour conducive to feeding.
    Recoil...brisk, but manageable. I shot some today at the range. At 40 degrees, a wind chill of 33, wet and humid, I did not enjoy it. But then I didn't enjoy my G26 9mm with max 115gr loads either.

    In fact, I did not enjoy that session at the range much at all in that weather, but it is good to practice in both warm and cold temps since you can't control when bad guys are going to get stupid. Not so enjoyable, but good for me nonetheless.
  37. I had one.. really liked it... only shot 100-150 rnds.. No problems..
  38. Mine jams and is headed back to glock now. It was new last year. The only ammo that it was happy with was blazer. Looked like an ejector problem or mag timing? I sent them photos, shells etc so well see what they say. Coolest gun I've ever owned, but I'm shaken about using it for carry.
    I'm new to glocktalk and this is my first Glock and first post. I wrote a more in depth reply to this thread but it never got posted. Wired.
  39. Sorry for the troubles, but you've done the right thing in sending it back to the manufacturer. I agree that you should not carry it until it is dependable. Hopefully they will get it right the first time and you go on enjoying it for years to come.
  40. Can I ask what the test fire date is for your G36?:dunno:
  41. I went ahead and sent it in and then looked online and saw all of this info about similar problems. I saw that glock had some sort of recall or something so I went and looked but can't find my box. I bought it new in dec 08 and can answer this when I get the gun back. I'm not worried but I am wondering why so many jam.
  42. I owned a 2nd hand G36 for a couple years, never a problem with it, it was a smooth shooter for a compact .45
  43. I'm super interested in this gun. Does anyone have a picture or perhaps a size comparison to a subcompact Glock? I like my G26 but if this thing is a LOT thinner...damn.
  44. its not that small,a buddy of mine has one and yesterday we sat them over each other and guess what they are identical in every way,the big shoe thing on the mag makes it the same size,for all the problems,just compromise and get a 23,the 36 imo is a redheaded step child,no assesories made for it.
  45. good thing it means NOTHING:yawn:
  46. Well that kind of sucks...:dunno:

    I think i'll take 10x 9mm over 6x .45

    Hopefully Glock will make another slim pistol :tongueout:
  47. I found my box! Serial number is LFR ***. looks like it was made in june of 2007.

    The size is nearly identical to the 19 in my opinion. I am not a huge fan of 9mm for carry, and 40 is just no fun to shoot in a glock imo, so it was between the 30 and 36. I kind of wish Id gone with the 30, but the night I bought it I held both multiple times and the 36 felt so much better. Im used to 1911 so I thought this would be a dream. I have a feeling all will be well and it wil be right after coming back from the factory and maybe glock will surprise me with some extras to make up for the jamfest they put me through. :)
  48. gonna test fire a 36 this sunday, will take pics next to my 32 for size comparison. if you can wait that long, or someone will beat me to it. will compare it to someone's 27 or 33 as well.
  49. I bought a G36 about a year ago. I fired 300 rounds through it(NO Malfunctions) Then I sold it to a friend who wanted a Glock. I regretted selling it, so last night I went and traded my new Glock 26 for my old G36 back. I love my G36 and should have never got rid of it. I will be putting another 100 rounds through it this weekend.
  50. sorry for your problems,the 36 is the same size as the 19-23 i just laid them atop of each other,i hope they fix it,but from what im hearing they will just send it back and say (it pefprms to factory specs)thats what they told the guy that sued them over this model and he won-just look up (glock 36 problems )as the keywords on the internet,before he took them to small claims court he had his gun to ga 2 times the third time they had it for 6 mths,look it up,i dont know why glock calls it a sub,its the same size as the compact,ithink for the same size as the 19-23,ill go for the more mag cap of the 40,but some people have the big ego of wanting the biggest round they can carry,there isnt much diff in a 40 than a 45-plus the 30 is wayyy to fat and the 30sf is just that (still fat):rofl: