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Glock 36 reliability?

  1. I'm wondering if the new Glock 36 pistols sold these days are more reliable than say 2 years ago?

    What holsters are you using?

    I'd still like to explore the Glock 39 in .45 GAP. but my wife told me if I buy another
    gun, I'd better be able to find ammo for it.

    She hinted that buying .45 ACP for me every pay-day wasn't a problem.

    I usually look at what's on sale at a local store when we go into town then,
    and she tells me to add a box or 2 to her cart.

    I've never seen any .45 GAP at this store or even @Wal-Mart.

    Being limited to 5-6 shots of .45 GAP or .45 ACP isn't a huge issue
    for me.

    The new XDS-45, and G43 are only 5+1 or 6+1 on some days.
    My RAMI 9mm has carried 9 rounds of 9mm+P for almost
    13 years.

  2. I peruse this and other firearms forums and I've not seen anyone really posting any reliability issues with the Glock 36. I'm sure a few Glock 36 will post to mention their personal experiences.
  3. My late model G36 has been reliable.
  4. I've owned a 36 for about 10yrs, haven't had any malfunctions with ball, HP, or LSWC ammo.
  5. I purchased one last year specifically for sub major in GSSF and never had a FTF or FTE in the five matches I used it in. This has given me the faith to put it on my CCW. Still waiting for a G30 or G21 to show up around here though.

    The only fault I have is that it is the only Glock other than the G42 and G43 that cannot use the larger magazines from a larger model such as the G26 where the G26 can use the G34/G17/G19 magazines..
  6. My impression is the current production guns are fine. I had an earlier one that was not reliable enough for me. Didn't like the recoil either (and I'm not real recoil sensitive).

    Given your situation, definitely stay away from the GAP option.
  7. Dude: it's a Glock.
  8. Ours has been 100% reliable from the first round, but it is an old one. Have seen no recent evidence to suggest reliability problems with the current crop.

    We trudge on.
  9. Its a great carry pistol, shoots very well, 100% on mine. the 7rds then 6 on a reload may be a turn off for some people, but if you do your job the G36 will not let you down.
  10. I believe confidence in hitting what you aim at is paramount, not expending bullets needlessly shows wisdom. I do carry more in the 30s and 26 in my pocket, but have the size to do so.

    Enjoy the posts as the 36 does intrigue me.
  11. I have been wondering the same as the original poster. If the newer batch of 36's are doing well , then what was the cause of the ones that failed ? There is sssooooo much scattered information that for me it is hard to tell which is truth and not .
    I'd like to get one for a good all purpose "car gun" to otss inthe car or truck when doing farm work. But I sure would like to find out the truth first .
  12. When you consider the J frame S&W (which is my primary EDC) I get an two additional rounds. Recoil can be stout but with practice, it is very controllable.

    As I said, mine is fairly new, a little less than a year old. As I live in CA, it is a Gen3. It might be of interest to note that my G26 (also a Gen3) which is about 18 months old does sometimes fail to completely close with factory 115gr FMJ. I have to give it a little nudge at times to completely close the slide while firing. It happened three times at my last match. Fortunately the accuracy for the G26 is phenomenal so it didn't hurt me much. The Glock armourer claimed nothing was wrong with the gun. For that reason, I am a little leery of carrying it until it is 100%..
  13. Wonder how many here have seen a Glock that wouldn't run right out of the box. I'm not a kool aid drinker, I own a lot of different pistol platforms, but I have to say that I have never seen a Glock fail to run, if fed good ammo from good magazines, unless something was broken.
  14. I have (3) 26s and a GSSF lifetime member. The 26's have like all Glocks have the ss inserts that the slide rides on, I polish those with Flitz and a Dremel with felt wheel, you can see and feel the tool marks with your finger nail, it does not take much, but all my Glocks get this prep.
  15. I've had two G36's, had one a few years ago that was not reliable at all. Last year, I ended up buying another, along with my current XDs 4.0 45 ACP, did my own comparison. I ended up with my XDs but my second G36 was absolutely reliable through what I put it through. My first G36 had nothing but issues from day one, may have just been a lemon.
  16. Thanks, guys.


    I don't find my XDs.45 to be hard on recoil, but more so than that of my new G43.

    My carry load is stout, but not punishing.
    The Springfield recoil spring design seems to keep the recoil impulse to a moderate level.

    So, I might wind up renting a Glock 36 and test one out.

    It would be with 230 grain FMJ.

    No idea if they have a rental Gen 4 G30 or not.

    According to some, that gun is the same weight, but a fraction wider.

    Back when I had an early G30, I found that it was 100% reliable, but still..
    pretty fat in my hand(s) but also soft shooting for a .45 caliber Glock.
  17. I have two G36 models. Both have choked
    on 230gr target ammo,WWB and Amer.Eagle.
    Only a few times but enough.
    With premium self defense ammo like Gold Dot
    PDX1,Golden Saber,Federal HST,no problems.
    Both of my guns are 2 to 3 years old.
    When I carry the 36 its ina VMII. Disappears.
    Mostly carry a G30S now.
  18. I had one that had the issues, the wicked double feeds and FTF. I rebuilt the entire slide and got it to run and then sold it. That said, mine had nearly 6k rds, many of which were steel wolf ammo.

    I have another one now, A newer one and it runs great, like a Glock. I would offer however, do not give up on the G 39. It is often my carry gun and I spent the day on the range with his big Brother, my new Gen 4 G 37.
  19. Mine is about 7 years old. Never had an issue. Probably 1000+ rounds through it. It sees daily carry.

    Smoothest shooting Glock I have.
  20. My 36 has never let me down period! I been pocket carrying it along with me 21 due to rampant amount of stupid diapering thugs in the area where I have to go thru to help out a brother inlaw.
  21. Mine has been with me for about 1 1/2 years. Works fine, and I carry it in a Milt Sparks IWB, made for my old G33.
  22. I've got a G36 that I carry from time to time. Have shot it a fair amount and it has never had a malfunction.

    I buy standard velocity (not +P) 230 grain Federal HST for daily carry in a Desantis SOF tuck. I find the standard velocity stuff much easier to control in the smaller platform and nobody with a brain argues against the stopping power of a 850 FPS 230 grain .452 bullet!
  23. Unless you plan to reload, you might want to skip .45 GAP. I just wouldn't trust the supply chain. Or, you could stock up.

    As to the G36, mine is about 2 years old. It doesn't work worth a crap and it never has. It will shoot only Hornady Critical Defense 185 gr JHP. Nothing else will extract. And, yes, I have tried the approach of changing out the parts to non-LCI with no improvement. I wouldn't know anything about any other G36s but you can find threads using the search feature. There have been complaints...
  24. My G36 is 2 years old and never a problem.
  25. Have had my G36 for 15 years now and have yet to experience any sort of problem. Glad that the G43 has joined it in the slimline offerings. It has stayed solitary in the slimline column far too long.
  26. Over the years the line on the 36 was one of two things: runs like a top; or, miserably unreliable. I had two early generation 36's. Neither one was reliable at first. Primarily failures to feed, some failures to extract. Tried the various fixes pontificated on here and other places and nothing seemed to work. Both went to the safe only to be brought out for the GSSF Major Sub class. Then a couple of years ago I stumbled onto a post somewhere that discussed magazine springs as a problem-solver. I got an extra-power three-pack from Wolff and lo and behold, the problems went away. Replaced all other mag springs but still kept the guns for GSSF. Sold one last year. The only other issue I've ever had was a trigger pin breaking on the one I had left. Until a couple of months ago. Doing some practice for an upcoming match I found the trigger pin walking out. Turns out it had broken another one. Stripped it down and in addition to the broken trigger pin, the locking block came out in two pieces and the locking block pin was bent!?! Ordered some replacement parts and when they came in, while installing them noticed a small through-and-through crack in the frame above the locking block pin hole on the right side. That gun was only shot in GSSF matches, maybe twice a year for 8 - 10 years. Standard ball ammo. Sent the frame off last week for them to take a look. Maybe they'll replace it. We'll see. I'll probably sell it if it comes back. I've been waiting for a 30S (raffle win) to come in for several months and will probably just use that one. I think I'm done with the 36. Everyone says the newer gens are better. Maybe so.
  27. I've had a G36 that I purchased new in 2011. It has been 100% reliable with both FMJ and HP ammo.
  28. No issues with either of ours. It has a little too much punch for my wife to shoot, comfortably, so we got her a G38 to put time on. I use a leather IWB Pro Carry. She uses a Michael Kors purse.
  29. The 36 I owned was completely reliable, but I hated it. Too big in profile for the limited number of rounds, lacking in magazine options ( the +1 extension was horrible). I'd much rather carry my 23 or 30s. Or my Kimber compact. All are just as concealable with more options. If I wanted a small 45, I'd look at the Springfield XDs or the Glock 39.
  30. They were reliable 2 years ago, so I don't understand your question. Mine is 5 years old and is 100%.
  31. got one yeas ago and had one FTF in the first 50 rounds and none in the following 4k including repacked GI ball ammo from 1944 WWB or even corbon shot glass sized HP rounds
    even used CCI snake/rat shot to off a few chipmonks and they worked just fine
  33. Thanks for your replies concerning the G36.

    I've thought on how I could trim the grip down a bit, but
    according to most guys,the gun is still the size of a Glock 19.

    I was looking for a.45 CAP ammo online and came across some
    .45 GAP in my area.

    My attention will now be focused on the Glock 39.

    A bit wider than a G26, and the only downfall that I see that it has is
    the fact that .45 GAP isn't as common as .45 ACP ammo.

    The concept of having a medium framed Glock with .45 caliber stopping power
    applies to both me and the G39. A Glock 19 or Glock 26 fit me perfectly...
    so a wider 26 sized gun will be cake.
    I'll probably be able to find a new (or used) one at a far cheaper price than a
    Glock 36 or the other .45 ACP Glocks.
    Also, I've never read about any reliability problems with the .45 GAP Glock pistols.
  34. If a G39 works, wouldn't a G30S work just as well? Hard to find ammo, just as or more expensive would negate any price saved by going with a GAP. Just my .02, I'll never own a 45 GAP anyway.
  35. I had one of the 2012 mfg'd guns and it was 100% in the 1k or so rounds that I put thru it. Sold it just because I didn't like the feel of capacity of the 36.
  36. I won't either. My SA M1911A1 .45 ACPs work fine.
  37. The gap is 2 ounces heavier than the 30s you might pick one up and handle it, of course I now have (2) because of that impulse.

    P.s looked at the 39, looked at the 30s, too many good reasons for the 30s, whatever you do good luck.
  38. Actually, only the G39 slide is wider than the G26 slide - the maximum width is in the frame and the same for both. If Glock ever come out with a gen4 G39, I might buy it.
  39. The G30, G30S, and G30SF are too big(wide for my hands.
    A G36 is pretty chunky feeling as well.

    I'll try the Glock 39 and see how it goes.

    They are also a bit cheaper than a Glock .45 ACP pistol.
  40. Good Luck.