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Glock 36 and recoil

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I have been thinking of buying a Glock 36 to go along with my G26. I find the G26 to be very easy to shoot even with carry ammo. I have not had a chance to shoot a G36 yet but would like a small carry 45acp. How is the recoil with carry ammo when shooting a G36? I have a Colt 1911 light weight commander that is nice to shoot until you shoot some Corbon +P out of it, after 17 rounds your hand hurts. Now granted in a gun fight it won't matter but what I am more concerned about is can I reliably deploy a G36 and have rounds on target? With a G26 I can with out a doubt, it is very easy to control.

Any feed back would be great!

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Go to a range, rent one and see.

Personally I like the G36 over the G26 (I own both) but the G26 is a fine pistol, too.
Try out a 36 and carry whichever you shoot well.

I really like my 36. The recoil is very easy to manage. As SAG said go rent one and see if you like it or not. But I bet that you do.
Love my 36. I too have a lw commander. The Colt is a true classic. I will never
get rid of it. It will belong to my son one day. The glock rides my hip. the colt
has been a safe queen for years now. And fwiw, I never used +p in .45. There
are no degrees of dead. I don't think you are losing too much out of the 36
barrel, and imo, it is tough on lw colts.
Be safe.
I have a Colt Defender, a G36, and have had a G30 for 10 years. The 36's recoil is less than my Colt and right about the same as the G30. I feel very little discernible difference in recoil between the 30 and 36 and comes back to target just as easily. I am sorry, but I can't give any such comparison to the 26.
I have both a G36 and a SA compact (1911 style w/ 3-inch barrel).
The G36 is far more controllable and recoil is far more manageable.
Try one out.
I just shot a g36 today. I was really surprised. I rented it at the range and was using blazer brass. It was really controllable. Which shocked me seeing how light and tiny the gun was. I highly recommend it. It will be the next one for me.
up, looking for more input
I have them both 26 and 36. The 36 is my go to gun for CC.
Not sure what additional input you are looking for...
Recoil is a subjective thing. You need to try it yourself.
I can fire hundreds of rounds through a G36 in an afternoon.

+P 230gr ammo is easy to handle in the pistol and the only limit as to how much I can shoot in a day is my wallet. But that's me. The G26 is also very easy to shoot, but with heaver loadings it can pinch your finger between the grip and the mag. I don't have that happen, but several of my friends and my son get pinched by the G26. It's not for everyone. Neither is the G36.

The best advice has already been given, "Go shoot a G36". Only your hand and your perception is going to tell you anything more than has been said here already.
I've had both........still have the 36. The 36 is just a great gun for CC, in fact, I just gave a 36 to my son (I had two of them), because he shot it at the range and loved it. He was able to put 7 rounds of 230 ball in to one hole @ 33 ft. Recoil is very manageable, and the first day I got it to the range, I put 150 rounds through it with no probs at all...didn't even hurt my arthritic hands!
The best advice is to shoot one. I'm not especially recoil sensitive, but I think the 36 is about the same as my LW Commander, maybe a bit more since it is a little lighter.

It will be more than a 26. The 36 is less than an ounce heavier, but shooting 45 vs 9mm.
I have a Tussey Custom built Series 70 type Colt Lightweight Commander, and shot that and the Glock 19 and 36 all together. I found that the G36 is VERY accurate at self-defense distances in slow fire. Rapid fire was, for me anyway, not as easy to make accurate hits with the G36 as with the Colt or the G19. Especially shooting one handed. Close quarters super fast shooting was the same. I carry my Colt on duty and carry a Novak 8 round mag for a total of 9 rounds with two McCormack 10 round mags on my belt. If you are completely comfortable with the manual of arms of the 1911 pistol, you can give yourself an advantage in magazine capacity. I like the slimmer profile of the Colt also. On the other hand, with the G36 you have the simplicity and outstanding reliability of a Glock. I think that if I went away from my Colt, I would prefer the G19. I would want to stay with .45 over 9mm and that is why I even looked at the G36, but hitting fast and accurately is most important and for me the G19 really shined over the G36.

We all are different in what "floats our boat", but like the more knowledgable folks have said, shoot them all if you can, especially if you can compare them side-by-side and then decide. I am certainly no expert, but this little excercise was just what I needed to know what works for me.
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Once you fire one you will be embarrassed that you were even concerned. The 36 is smoooooth.
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