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Glock 36/30 Hybrid

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I saw a thread last year on people taking the slide off a Glock 36 and putting it on a Glock 30 - seemed like an interesting idea, so I dug out my Glock 36 (a GREAT shooting Glock, but seldom used due to several reason I will explain as I go along) and put it on my Glock 30sf. Huh! Felt really weird for a while, as I kept thinking I was holding my Glock 30sf (my normal carry gun) but it seemed so, well, skinny. I took it out and shot (initially) a hundred rounds through it. Shoots great, and I got a (witnessed by my son and I got a picture too!) five shot, over sandbag rest 25 yard - inch and a half group! So, now why you ask? Why take a Glock 36 slide and put it on a Glock 30? Several reasons. One: It makes the slide thiner and allows it to be used in any open-ended holster designed for the Glock 19/23/32, thereby allowing the use of one holster for the new Hybrid AND several other range/carry guns. Two: It now allows me to carry ten rounds in the magazine instead of the six the Glock 36 carries. Three: Even after the additional rounds, it is now four ozs lighter (1/4 pound). Four: The Glock 36 has on occasion (not mine) been reported to be pickey about ammunition and/or the hold on the gun, etc, etc. This solves that issue by going with the wider grip Glock 30 frame which seems to be more forgiving when firing the .45acp. Five: It just feels right for some reason - when I would hold the Glock 36 in my had it wouldn't fill up the space in my hand and I would have to keep trying to find the "sweet spot" to hold it in my hand for firing. With the Glock 30sf, I never have that issue.

In short, I now have the best of both worlds. I spoke to a Glock representative I know who teaches and asked him about it. He told me usually one person in each Glock armorers class askes about the Hybrid and if Glock will be making one. He told me he has tried it, likes it, AND Glock will neither recommed it nor has any plans of producing one (at this time). I can see why no official recommendation will happen - because some "unenlightened" person is going to make the hybrid, shoot lead reloads out of it, blow it up and sue Glock and anybody else that has more than two dollars in the bank. :steamed:

So, I do not advise you do this unless you are a Factory trained Armorer and recognize the inherent issues in changing out ANY part (even if they ARE all Glock parts) in your gun. That said, I did it, and now have over 200 rounds fired and not one issue. I checked the first 50 rounds each and every one for any signs of pressure and or firing pin swipe and - nada.

And before you start getting out the pitchforks please remember it is no different than changing out a barrel, sights, trigger group, extractor, connector, frame, etc, etc to an aftermarket brand, and mine has the advantage of being all Glock parts.

Now, ANYBODY else out there done this recently, and how does yours shoot? How many rounds through yours and how long you been shooting the hybrid? Anybody?
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I did sort of a "different" hybrid. I own a G36 -- and a G29SF. I put the G36 upper on the G29SF lower and it ran fine (even using G29 Mags). I'll try to pick up a G30 and a G21 magazine and see how well it does.

Too bad the G29SF barrel is too wide to fit into the G36 slide...otherwise, I would have tried a "slimline 10mm hybrid"... ;)
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