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  1. I have recently started competing. I would like to know what I can do to my 35 and still be legal to shoot in the limited div. Suggestions of mfg. to best meet my needs in building a better race gun. I have done some research but would like to see what you suggest from your experience. Thank you for all information.
  2. In Limited you can do almost anything to the gun except add a comp or a red dot sight. My primary 35 has grip modifications with a gravel surface enhancement, KKM barrel, Partial Vanek trigger with some personal stuff done by me, It has a slight pretravel reduction also an overtravel stop, tungsten guide rod, truglo fiber optic sights, THE brass magwell, feed ramp polishing, Extended mag release, & I even have a slide racker which is legal but gets occasional questions from folks that have never seen one on a limited gun. The racker comes from "Mako security". Works great on table or barrel starts. I'm sure there are more things I could do but that about sums it up for me. I bought the gun with some of these things already on it but added the Vanek trigger stuff, the fibers, the polishing, & the slide racker. The gun had the frame modified slightly then evidently the builder brushed epoxy on it, rolled the grip in gravel. Makes an incredibly solid grip but it is not recommended for people that don't work with their hands as it will tear skin if your hands are soft. The gravel would be about equal to 20 grit sandpaper or maybe a little coarser. Not as coarse a grit as 00 paper. For a description of how the grips look, if you are familiar with a nutty buddy ice cream treat, that is pretty much how the grip looks.
  3. I shoot Limited 10.

    Glock 35
    tungsen rod guide non-captured
    ISMI 15lbs spring
    T.H.E. Extened mag release (i have somewhat small hands)
    Dawson adj rear sights (black)
    Dawson .1 X .3 front sight (black)
    Skate Board grip tape on grip
    stock slide release not the extened one the 35 comes with.
    Glockworx level 3 competion trigger kit.
    (wtb) Dawson magwell
    (wtb) + 5 extension.

    Cr speed belt
    cr speed magholder x4
    ghost holster

    After write all that down I realize I like to spend money on aftermarket stuff. I probally could have baught a 2011 for the same price after all the money i dumped into my glock. But spending the cash over time defrays effect and makes it fun too, its like christmass year round.
  4. Welcome to the sport!
    - Change the stock sights to either a Heinie rear/Dawson FO front, or Sevigny competition front/rear combo
    - Do the $.25 trigger job
    - Change out the extended slide release for the non-extended type
    - Limited magazine base pads (Arredondo +5's)
    - Dryfire daily
    - Buy/make lots of ammo
    - Practice, practice, practice
  5. Interesting, 2 posts recommending to replace extended slide release.
    Is that because your thumbs will hit them and either lock slide open with rounds, or close slide on empty mag?
  6. Eliminates the potential for the weak hand to bump the extended portion of the slide release (sometimes happen during recoil) and lock the action open.
  7. for me it was to prevent your thumb from locking slide open with rounds. when fireing freestlye.

    For some there can be an issue with an extended mag release. Depending on you grip you may have issues with accidently pressing the mag release.