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Glock 35 for IPSC (w/BarSto bbl to shoot Lead Reloads)

  1. I have a Glock 19 for everyday carry.
    This year I started practicing IPSC, so I'm planning to purchase a full size .40 caliber pistol.

    I would like to get a Glock 35 with a Bar-Sto barrel to be able to shoot lead reloads.

    Even though Armando Valdes uses a G35 for IPSC, all my friends advise me against getting one. They all use Para-Ordnance, STi with Caspian slides, 1911, 2011, etc.

    Does a Glock 35 fitted with a BarSto barrel have any limitations when compared, for example, with a Para-Ordnance 16.40?
  2. SV makes a better limited gun than Glock but I will take a Glock anyday over any STI or Para. A g35 can be very competitive with a little tuning.

  3. What kind of tuning can you do to a G35?
  4. I just sold a Para P16-40 tricked out for Limited IPSC. It was very accurate and fast, but I am going to a G35. Stuff breaks on these Para's (extractor on mine and ejector on my bud's new one) and maybe I'm a boobus, but I'm not interested in going to a gunsmith all the time or becoming a junior gunsmith or carrying a spare gun so I can finish a match. I think I can fix pretty much anything that goes wrong, if it does, with a Glock. I am confident the 35 will probably carry me as far as I will be able to acheive, and if I ever get to the point where I think it's the gun holding me back I'll think about an SVI.Another advantage to the 35 is that you can shoot it in three classes (Limited, L-10, and Production). A cheap and improved trigger can be had by polishing your internals and switching to a Wolff reduced power striker spring (I did this to my 34 and it was a signifigant improvement). I have personally decided to invest in CGR's Top Fuel trigger and a Bar-Sto barrell which will be fitted by Hoss as well. As always, your mileage may vary wildly. Good luck.
  5. If you are just starting out, the G35 will serve you well. Not only is it cheaper. It runs perfect...right out of the box. There is no need to load ammo long (which you might be Ok in a Para, but likely not in a SV/STI). The G35 will perform. It will not break. It has similar contols as your carry gun.

    • cheap
    • reliable
    • familar
    • competitive
    • uses factory ammo
  6. I would say the G35 would be a good gun to start with. I started out using a 1911, then a para. Once the STI/SVI guns became legal for limited class I switched to them and have shot as a sponsored shooter for both companies. What makes the glock a good choice is that it is simple and reliable. Plus, it's not likely the gun with hold you back much. I mean look at Armando V.

    The last year that I shot for SVI I was trying to get a sponsorship with Glock as one of their L.E shooters. I was ready to get back to a simple, easy to use pistol that wasn't going to be in the shop every week. Good luck

    BW (A-27784)
  7. At our local club, there are a couple that have gone from G22's or G35's to Para's, SV's and STI's. I have hung on to my G35. There are a lot of people that think having a $1500 gun will automatically make them a better shooter. Hey, maybe it helps some, I don't know. I sure don't own and $1500 handguns. But I know that they have problems keeping their high priced guns running. At the match last month, one of the STI convert boys was there with a G35. When I commented on it, he said that he was tired of always having problems. He could never keep the thing running a whole match. I just love looking at the final results, and seeing my name above the boys with the high priced toys. Now I will admit, I am a mid C class shooter. I sure don't beat the guys with the super comped up guns, never will. But I can hold my own in Lim 10 and Limited. And I can buy 3 Glocks for the money they spend on one of the 1911 clones!!;f
  8. I haven't shot any USPSA matches since the 97 Limited Nationals. Have you guys noticed an increase in the numbers of shooters based on the limited 10 and factory catergories? I made GM in limited class and then went on to bigger and better things, but I am starting to get the shooting bug again so maybe I'll come back and play with a factory gun. Also heard USPSA is now having a factory Nationals. Anyone know if that is true?
  9. About 7-8 years ago I again got the bug to shoot some practical matches and looking at the hi cap stuff made me realize that thngs had changed. I went with a 24 because of the fact that I did not need a gunsmith. Heinie sights, a good trigger and good ammo served me very well.

    I stopped shooting USPSA events for a few years but joined a local club recently. In preparing for the Carrollton GSSF event, I had the opportunity to shoot a local match the weekend before. I have a custom 1911 that I had intended to shoot in Limited 10 but with the GSSF match the following weekend I decided to use my G17, Uncle Mike's holster and focus on the basics skills as a tune-up. At the end of the day I won Lim 10 and finished 4th overall using the inexpensive gun that ran all day long. I was surprised...as were alot of guys using some high dollar equipment.

    In 1983 I took a class from Ross Seyfried, World IPSC champion and got some advise that I'll always remember. "The next time you see some new product that you think you just can't live without, spend the money on bullets, powder and primers...then go practice some more."

    Good luck on your decision.

    Mike F.
    Team Sidearmor
    Leadheads Bullets
  10. Yes, the "Factory Gun" USPSA Nationals are in Berry, IL, July 20-24th. Check the USPSA website to get on the list to get a "slot" so you can come shoot it. You can also check the site for rules governing what a "Production" gun is and how it can be modified.

    I'm going, shooting my 34. It should be fun.
  11. I shoot that exact set-up for IPSC and I really enjoy it. I am getting back into the sport after a few years off. The Glock is a good choice if you have limited funds-BUT if you only want to buy a gun once AND you can spend a couple grand on a gun go with the SVs.

    The SVs is the right choice if you are going to do IPSC for "real". Choose the Glock if you want the option of shooting different classes, and GSSF as well and you don't have a couple grand to spend.

    You will be able to compete with a Glock and you will be able to have fun. Remember, it is the shooter, not the gun. Just plan to practice alot and have lots of fun and you will not go wrong what ever gun you choose.

  12. The Glock 35 would serve you well in both Limited and Limited 10. With a little trigger work and a replacement set of sights, you are ready to go.

    The STI/SVI's have advantages but they make it easier to compete, not possible to compete. There are a lot of people out who are very successful using the G35.

    Personally I would not go with a Para, the STI is my choice if not using a Glock. Propery built they will work for years without to mamy problems.
  13. For the size and distance involved in idpa you don’t need a custom barrel for any reason. Lead bullets all you need to do is clean it every couple hundred rounds. I have shot plain cast lead bullets in my glocks for decades in the factory barrel with no problems. And cleaning is a few passes of a brass bore brush and a patch or two. Worries about cast bullets in the factory barrel are highly exaggerated
  14. Is this is a record for renewing an old thread, 17 years 5 months. At least there are still a couple of active members who posted in the 2002. The rest are (may be) dead and gone. It is good use of the "search" function, however:)
  15. I was really enjoying the thread. Yes I am old.....and to make it even funnier I just bought a pair of 35's and a barsto barrel.

    Well I bought the barrel first because it was a good deal. You know the rest of the story..