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Glock 34 or H&K USP Elite?

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I've got a good buddy who is torn between a new Glock 34 and new H&K USP Elite in 9mm for his "contractor" work.
He favors long 9's.

I told him he can't go wrong with H&K, but then again you really can't go wrong with a Glock either.

Any suggestions?
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Well both guns are made by good companies. The glock 34 shoots pretty similar to a G17 with a 3.5 trigger. So if he likes the way a 17 shoots, he'll like the 34.
H&K is an excellent weapon however so is the Glock. I have a Glock 35 that I truly love. If you shoped around you copuld probably get two Glock 34's for the price or close to it of one H&K tactical. It's nice to have two if you can. You never know when one might get damaged. JMHO
I have a Glock 34 and love it. Had a fullsize USp 9mm, and I have a compact 9mm USP. The fullsize ended up having too large a grip to be conformatble, and I sold it to fund another gun purchase.

They are right above - The price of that HK will be about double the price of the Glock. And, I think the Glock 34 shot better than my USP.
Yeah I pretty much told him the same thing.
I mean for the price difference he could get the Glock and hook himself up with a nice Tac-light or something of that nature.
Besides...I've never heard anyone complain about a Glock 34.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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