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Glock 34 Gen5 sights recommendation

  1. I recently picked up a used Glock 34 Gen5 and I'm looking for recommendations for sights. I prefer Ameriglo Spartan sights on my carry Glocks but this will be a range gun so I don't necessarily need night sights.

    I had been considering a red dot sight for this gun but have changed my mind after reading some reviews and talking to people who use a red dot sight. What kind of sights do you have on your Glock 34 Gen5?
  2. Sorry for responding without discussing sights for this pistol...
    I noticed a G34 Gen5 in a gun case the other day, and it did NOT have the cutout on the top of the slide?
    Is this true on your Gen5?
    If so, I'm putting the G34 Gen5 on my "want" list!
  3. They did away with the window cut on the top of the slide on all gen 5 34s, both the MOS and non MOS

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  4. I'm looking at the Trijicon HD XRs MOS version for mine.
  5. You should try a dot for yourself. I think they are worth the trouble, especially for a range gun. Did you get the MOS? If so, you need to make sure you know how the rear sight will fit.

    I like Dawson sights for target use.
  6. Trijicon HD’s is the way to go!
  7. Irons vs Red Dot is kind of an apples v oranges comparison. Both have their purpose. With that being said, if you're looking strictly at irons many folks I know have had luck with either the Warren Tactical, Taran Tactical or Bob Vogel sights. I like Vogel sights and use them on my production guns, red fiber optic front post with a nice wide rear.
  8. Dots are just fine, but they take far more discipline to draw to. FO fronts are ok, and I have both, but prefer black on black wide cut Heinies. Night sights are no advantage at all in daylight, but have a small advantage in low light, not no light.
  9. Dawson Precision Fiber optic front and flat back rear.
    As far as red or green color goes, it's all what your eyes like.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I went with the Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight and black rear sight. They should be here tomorrow.
  11. Did you get the MOS version so they would not overhang the rear of the slide?
  12. I’ll second this but add “adjustable” so you can tailor to your preferred hold and bullets.
  13. B6853C6A-DE53-4B48-A9BD-235B956D2D11.jpeg
    I just added these to my 34 Gen5 MOS. I really like the HD XRs from Trijicon. I was so happy they made an MOS version.
  14. Where did you order those from ?
  15. Optics Planet.
  16. I like adjustable for some things as well, but all adjustable sites for the Glock I know of are really going to hang off the rear badly with the Glock MOS sight cut, and will also block your access to the plate should you want to try a dot.

    Not huge things that can’t be overcome, but a pain none the less.
  17. Excellent choice on the Dawson Precision sights. I put them on everything, except anything with a dot on it. I prefer blacked out front and rear to co-witness with a dot.