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Glock 33

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by cruces, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. cruces


    Jul 24, 2009
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    What do you think is the Most powerful, I mean knock down,,Glock33, .357, or Glock .40Cal, In other words if you were in the Woods and a Large Bear came after you, which one would you prefere to have, and I do Not mean NIKE shoes. For some reason more people carry the Glock 27 over the G-33.:patriot:
  2. JR

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    Dec 29, 1998
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    Oldtown Idaho USA
    Normally I would defer this kind of question to another section of the board. You are asking more for an opinion than anything else. You know what they say about opinions....

    I am responding, only because I know first hand, the penetrating performance of the 9mm. I shot a black Bear that was attacking me. I hit 3x in the front, 3x in the side and 3x in the rear. I was carrying a staggered magazine consisting of Pro Load 135 FMJ, Pro Load 124 soft point and Pro Load 124 hollow point. You see, it is my habit to stack my magazine with different ammo when I am in the woods. I do this because I have absolutely no idea what it is I will be shooting at?

    You know what they say... When things go bad you get tunnel vision.... The bear was way too close (just a few feet) and had its mouth open. All I seen was teeth! The first round fired was directly in her mouth. The next 2 shots were in the neck and shoulder while she was facing me. Seems, the first 3 shots changed the Bears mind. She no longer wanted me, she simply wanted away from me. The next 3 rounds were down her side as she attempted to run away and the last 3 rounds were a parting gift. (she was still moving so I was still firing). 9 shots total in about 2 or 3 seconds. (but it seemed like minutes!)

    Well I performed an autopsy (read gutted it for eating). I was duly impressed regarding the performance of the 9mm bullets. The first round partly fragmented in the Bears jaw and went down the length of her neck into the front shoulder. The next 2 rounds made it all the way past the shoulder, through the lungs and into the intestine. The 3 side shots were all resting on the opposite side of the fur (100% penetration!). The last 3 rounds made it through the hind quarters into the intestines. The Bear died within 50 feet of the first round. WOW!

    The 357 Sig is a 9mm on steroids! I am sure it would penetrate further HOWEVER I am not so sure I could have controlled the recoil as much, nor delivered as many rounds. I have killed a few animals with the 40 but these were simply head shots so I hardly think the scenario applies. I have a neighbor that killed a (dandy) Bull Moose with his G27. Punched it right in the lungs at about 25 feet and it died about 50 feet away.

    Bottom line.... I was lucky I had a gun on my hip when this happened. I can honestly say, when things break down, I prefer to have a gun in my hand. A knife will do in a pinch and a stick is better than harsh words..... I have killed most every animal in the US using guns, knives, sticks, rocks, whatever. Never killed anything with harsh words but then again, I have been totally un-armed, used harsh words, and escaped being mugged (several times).

    (I have always been a little lucky)