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Glock 33 round mags..follower switch?

  1. Will the new orange style followers work in the Glock 33 magazines? I don't see why they wouldn't, but asking if anyone has made the switch.

  2. No...they will not work in 357SIG Glock 33 magazines.

    Yes...they will work in 9x19mm Glock 33-round magazines.
  3. The new 24 round 9mm Mags have the Orange follower and the Gen5 baseplates. I would think they would work in the 33 rounders, but I haven’t tried it yet. :flag:
  4. Lol I forgot to type round
  5. What... You can't tell if a 33 rounder is loaded or not?

    Every time I look to see the Blaze Orange follower..... Those brass colored "thingys" get in the way and I can't see it.....

    What should I do?