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Glock 32C?

  1. I had two G32s and a G33 that I sold. My favorite pistol now is my G19. Hated the G23 but did enjoy the 32s when I had them. I went window shopping during the week and a dealer has a NIB G32C in the old tupperware box with standard sights. I've never shot a compensated model but it looked neat and I've always liked the idea. LE pricing is around $453 out the door. What do you think? I've really been wanting a 9mm Px4 but the 32C has been on my mind. :)
  2. Sorry, I do not check this forum very often. I have a G32c and it is one of my favorite carry-pistols. I suggest you get it and enjoy it. You can use non-ported barrels in it if you wish and can buy aftermarket barrels in .40s&w and even 9mm.

    You will not be sorry. It is a great caliber and pistol!
  3. Looks like you're not the only one! :)

    Thanks for the info.