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Glock 32C...school me please...

  1. Just picked up a deal on a G32C...LNIB... DOB 5/12...
    I already have a G33 and love the .357 SIG round...
    Will this new G32C offer anything special over the G33?...
    Or is this just something to trade off?...

    Appreciate any opinions...

  2. Yes, flames & more decibels. Compensated handguns are worthless for CCW. For a range gun they are fine. However, if you don't reload then you'll go broke shooting the .357 SIG.

    Always wise to ask these questions BEFORE the purchase. :wavey:
  3. Get a 9mm conversion barrel and you won't go broke, at the range.
  4. Louder, yes slightly. Flames, sorry this is a myth. I've owned and ccw'd multiple C model glocks and they have absolutely none of the nightmare problems people will tell you they have. No blinding flash, no problem with the front sight being coated in carbon, and no burning holes in your shirt from flames out of the ports. If you like it feel free to carry and shoot it without worry.

  5. Shoot it at night outdoors.
  6. I have over 1000 rounds with my 19C in pitch black indoor range and outdoors shooting. I managed a range before and got to test first hand, most places wont let you do that without prior approval. And have night shot on military outdoor ranges with a variety of guns. There are flames but I never went blind or burned myself, even from retention.Now I didnt shoot from the retention position where the gun is right against your chest and your face is looking down into the ports :supergrin:. I do notice its a bit louder but not drastically.

    There are many posts by people who have done this and will admit there is a flash but there is a flash with guns that aren't ported. If you say that people good blind thats wrong if your just saying there is a flash that is correct but no blindness. I used to post about 10 plus posts on threads about ported guns in an avalanche of info, I can re-post all that again :supergrin:

    There is also a few others on here Bill Lumberg that is either a cop or instructor and Troy106 (my buddy) who is a military cop that has done shooting from retention and dark conditions that will say the same.


  7. www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1458618



  8. Read posts #7 thru #16 and there are videos on post #11. This will give you practically everything you need to know about C models.



  9. This is a guy I helped with the C models over on another forum


  10. How do you see the target, in pitch black indoor range?:snoopy:
  11. I have an extended and ported barrel in my G17 - no blinding flash - even with +p+ ammo.
  12. .357 Sig in G27 compensated extended barrel. No problems at all. Not much to see against a black background. Reduce muzzle flip?....I don't even know, never shot this round without the comp barrel.

    I normally CCW carry and shoot a .357 Magnum in either 2" or 4" barrel. Now that's a flash.

    But I do not have vision problems on followups.

    I shot a G22C and concentrated on the comp flash. Two once inch high blue flame jets that had no effect on vision. No bright flash, just light blue against a black background.
  13. I don't think that Glocks even have a "muzzle flip." The gun is so light and top-heavy that the entire pistol rises up in recoil.
  14. Well Its obvious that you don't own a C model. Because you are among the crowd that throws off on the C models and has no real experience with these great guns. I have the G22C, G21C G31C and love all three, myth about muzzle flash is a joke the other myths are just that myths. If you are going to review something it should at least be something you actually own and not something you heard the guys at the range discussing. make the decision for yourself and i'm sure you will see it differently. And for your information Glock has yet to make a "worthless" gun!!


  15. Friend of mine shot his .44 Auto-Mag in a league urban combat shoot, one stage with no lights, target was around 7 feet. Muzzle flash set the target on fire. Fun times.
  16. Sooo, mr consumer reports, how many C models do you own? It has to be several to get such a detailed review! LMFAO!!
  17. 1. You stand facing the target, the pistol is at a low ready
    2. Wait for the command of "lights".
    3. When lights go out, pause a sec
    4. Then extend (the gun) touch (the trigger) press (trigger to rear)
    5. Use the flash to see the target for follow up shots, but didnt go blind. :supergrin:

    All guns have a night have some flash from front of the barrel..........correction, I have never shot a suppressed gun at night so I cannot say for sure if a suppressed gun will.


  18. i'd have to agree with you that most people who bash C models have never shot/owned one....i currently own two 32Cs and CCW them in rotation....my female neighbor has a 19C and loves it....i carried a 22C on duty for years....made such a noticeable difference in muzzle flip especially on the 40.....

    I'm at the range about once a week and i always like to try out other peoples guns....in return, i let them try my 32C and not one person has ever had anything negative to say about it...most people are delightfully surprised....
  19. I've shot both compensated and non-comp models outdoors and the flash is only very slightly more pronounced from the compensated model.

    Both produce a very visible flash. The compensated model doesn't blind you by any means. If the comp model were to blind you, so would a regular gun as both produce a very visible flash.
  20. That's sounds really weird. It must really confuse the iris, of your eye. You must be mighty close, if your muzzle flash illuminates the target.
  21. It doesn't illuminate the target completely but you can see enough and the XS Big Dot sight helps as well. The tritium glows really well even though after about 200 rounds gets the white part a little dirty

  22. I admit to total stupidity, at this point. What's the point in turning the lights off, before you shoot?
  23. Duh!! Don't you know? The guys busting in in the middle of the night turn on the light to see where you are and then turn it back off, so you will know where they are.
  24. One of the reasons was to test the theory that C models will make you blind or hurt your night vision or cause you harm shooting it in low light/dark conditions or would be a cool fire show that I could take to Disney World where people would pay me lots of money to watch me perform like the fire shows others perform. Obliviously all those theories failed :supergrin:

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_exXwIcLG1g"]Yalang Yalang Fire Show - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqBoIssjwQY"]fire eater breather - YouTube[/ame]

  25. I've got an OEM G33 barrel,
    and an extended dual ported Storm Lake 357 Sig, for my G27.
    In my light baby Glock the high pressure, high velocity,
    round seems to work particularly well with a porting.

    I think you will notice and like the performance.
    Use Speer GDHP, Winchester Ranger T-Series, Federal HST
    or some other high tech round for self defense.
    They run low flash, fast burn, gunpowder.

    Be mindful of the ports.
    I.E. cant the ports away from you during house clearing and close quarters combat.

    Porting is a little louder and brighter.
    But that is generally exaggerated by some -IMHO.
    If you don't like the porting?
    You can always pick up and run an un-ported barrel in that gun.
  26. Porting or not, flash varies depending on ammo.
    I have a 19C and would be comfortable carrying it.
    Generally speaking, the 19C produces about the same velocity as a 26.
  27. Now, finally, that makes perfect sense. I was under the impression that this was some sort of weird drill you practiced, periodically.

    Thank you for your patience.:snoopy:
  28. I know that John Farnam does not recommend ported barrels - I think this is due to the projecting hot gases during retention firing having an impact on the shooters eyes..., in the photo above if the shooter tilts his head slightly toward the gun you can see how a C model might be a poor choice for a carry gun - with .357 Sig's running 10% more pressure than a 40S&W, I'd hazard a guess that Mr. Farnam is correct about this issue...
  29. It's not an issue. Not with factory porting. Can't say about aftermarket.