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glock 30sf vs glock 36

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Ok so I'm leaning more towards the glock 30sf because of the rail but do not know if it would fit my hand as good as a glock 36. I have small hands. The only problem I have with the 36 is, it doesn't have the rail. I have gone to couple shops and haven't been able to feel a 30 sf, i have to order it. Its not for carry btw...... Any suggestions? thank you
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I like the 36, paired up with a good quality light and a few mags and you're good to go. You can even buy a plus 1 adapter for the mag to bring it up a 1911 level capacity. I think it's more concealable, although some will argue that they have no problems concealing a 30, the 36 is definitely thinner. Then you gotta look into what you're going to carry it in, because you just can't leave it home.
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