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Glock 30SF RTF2

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Is there such a thing?

My favorite Glock grip texture is the RTF2. The Gen 4 RTF3 texture is just not aggressive enough for me. Even though I know the RTF2 was considered too aggressive, I thought it was just right. Have tried both the Talon rubber (not aggressive enough) and the Talon granulate grips (tears my clothing). So have decided to look for a Glock 30SF RTF2 if there is such a thing.

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Can't help you with the RTF2 availability. But I put TALON rough-textured grips on and, like you, they are not only brutal on clothes but can catch and hold your cover garment up making your CC weapon NOT so CC. :shocked: I (and others) have lightly sanded them and it makes them a LOT better to where they don't screw up your clothes or your concealability and the grip is still pretty darn aggressive - at least for me.

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To my knowledge, in 45ACP only very limited quantities of the Gen3 G21SF were manufactured with an RTF2 grip, but none for the G30SF.
I'm a fan of the RTF2 texture as well and agree with the above statement. Depending on how committed you are, you can find a Gen3 G21 RTF2 and chop the frame down.
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