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Glock 30SF and 36 IWB Holster Review

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Glock-45, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    :wow:Hey guys I am reviewing the Sticky holsters for the Glock 30SF and Glock 36.

    My reason was that when I was looking for a nice no clip IWB holster there was hardly any posts for these two popular Glocks other than hints here and there. Nothing really substantial was out there!

    I am not a Professional Journalist nor do I claim to be! I am a fellow Glock owner and lover of the beloved firearms.
    I own quite a few and was looking for a reliable,comfortable and easy to use no clip no fuss holster.

    I am hoping to help fellow Glock 30SF and Glock 36 members by doing in depth review of Sticky holsters models for these beloved .45 acp's.

    Here is what I am going to cover in review, a guide if you will.

    1. Fit of weapon
    2. Comfort inside waistband
    3. Ease of draw
    4. Quality of material inside and out
    5. Which covers inside of gun better without riding your skin?
    6. Practical Use... Does this come out when you draw weapon?
    7. How easy is it to re-holster?
    8. Does it want to come out when you sit down or drive?
    9. Finally Cost vs Overall Performance

    I contacted Mike Christoff at Sticky holsters and informed him of the review I was wanting to do. He replied he was more than happy to contribute to the review.

    I contacted Allen Remora of Remora holsters for same review to compare Remora vs Sticky Holster.
    I contacted Allen several times and informed him that Mr Mike at Sticky holsters had already agreed to send holsters to help with review and no reply from Remora?
    Finally on last attempt was contacted by Jaqui and asked to submit info about self and what I was doing? Really several emails explaining questions and what I was going to do and then get this reply?

    I see they didn't want to compete after I mentioned that I was reviewing the competition?

    I digress on to Sticky review lol.

    When I received the Sticky holsters package inside was the following.
    MD-4 for Glock 30,30SF and Glock 36.
    LG-2 for Glock 30,30SF and Glock 36.
    Ankle Bite for any Sticky Holster to go around ankle.

    First let me say that I was impressed right off the start at the packaging the holsters came in.
    Each was in a ziplock style bag with Neon Green Sticky emblem placard and info about NO Questions Warranty.
    On the outside a professional sticker that gave brief description of models that fit inside.

    1. Fit of weapon.
    I immediately reached for my beloved 30SF and 36 and tried them in each of the holsters.
    I will say it is snug nice fit inside both.
    However I did notice that the Glock 36 fit like a glove in the MD-4 and the Glock 30SF fit better in the LG-2.
    Now let me say they both fit nice in both but the Glock 36 being tapered at the end of the barrel helped fit more in MD-4. FYI.
    Neither one stuck out of holster. The slide was well inside.

    2. Comfort inside waistband.
    I wanted to try this supposed amazing sticky technology and let me say ("It Is Amazing!")
    I was wearing boxers and for the fun of it I holstered Glocks and tried them inside boxer.
    Now of course weight of Glocks tugged on band, but you know what? It stuck like glue to my skin and I was able to quick draw my Glocks out no problem and neither one slid out of my boxers.

    That was Amazing! Then I tried everyday pants
    Khakis,Blue Jeans and shorts.
    They both tucked in very well and gripped well. The comfort was like an old school Nerf between your waistband. I wore all day inside house doing everyday tasks and forgot Glock was there. Exactly what a good holster is supposed to do! Make you forget you have it on.

    3. Ease of draw
    I had no problem at all reaching under shirt and quick drawing weapon.
    Now let me say it will take practice just like with anything.
    That said in less than 15 minutes I was gunslinging my Glocks out of my band with one fluid movement as though I was being robbed?
    You know the drill? We all do it! Pretend we are being held up for our wallet.
    Well, it just takes seconds to twist and reach for wallet but instead come out drawing and being on point.
    I am not endorsing violence,risking your life,vigilanteism, or be a gunslinger! Only stating that I felt comfortable enough to defend myself in most Defense situations.

    4. Quality of material inside and out
    The material like I mentioned earlier feels like space age Nerf meets leather. Comfortable,breathable,soft,and slip resistant.

    Holsters have a tacky feel but not glue like. They leave no residue on your hands. Inside is same material. Reinforced outside with heavy band following holster silhouette.

    5. Which covers inside of gun better without riding your skin?
    Like I mentioned before the MD-4 seems to work best for Glock 36 and LG-2 for the Glock 30SF. Neither one bothered,picked or chaffed my skin and I am a Big Guy. 6'3" and 285 lbs.
    l was not bothered at all with guns. Holsters were all-day comfortable and chafe free at least for me.

    6. Practical Use... Does this come out when you draw weapon?

    As I mentioned earlier I had no problem once practicing on drawing out my Glocks. It is fluid once you practice and get comfortable with them.
    I had no problem I know you're wandering about grab.
    The way I tucked in my waist was almost at dead 9 o'clock on my side. Butt riding on my belt. So that when I drew I reached under slid hand up against belt and bam! Out like a flash.

    7. How easy is it to re-holster?

    I do advise as well as Sticky holsters advise to take holster out reinsert weapon and put back inside waistband. Common it is not that much of a hassle! Let's face it the only time you God forbid will ever have to draw is if your life depended on it and I don't think re-holstering is going to be an issue.

    8. Does it want to come out when you sit down or drive?

    Unfortunately I do not posses CHL yet! So I cannot in good fortune drive with weapon.
    I did however practice inside on chairs and couch.
    I can say that when sitting or simulating driving that it does feel awkward at first but angling holster eliminates this with practice what works for you. And I must admit that I had Pierce +0 mag extensions on both and fit little long.
    With stock mags they should fit like a glove inside against your waist. This is not an issue with holster since butt sits outside of it.

    9. Finally Cost vs Overall Performance

    Let me say that I am Amazed at the Price and Quality factor of the Sticky Holsters!
    The other brand mentioned are much higher and considering they did not want to participate in review I guess we won't know quality?

    FYI! Mike Christoff was a contributer in material design for Remora holster and felt he had better material and I agree.

    At $24.95 for any holster you choose and quality of material. I feel this is every Glock 30SF and Glock 36 owner's best kept secret.

    You can order or view site at

    I want to take time to thank Mike Christoff at Sticky holsters for allowing me the chance to review them for us fellow Glock 30SF and Glock 36 owner's. Now we have a holster we can use and know about thanks to Mike.

    Thanks Mike

    Ankle Bite is $34.95 and a nice ankle rig for hunter's or everyday concealment.

    You go about wrapping around leg and secure your Sticky holster on it and it secures it to your leg making it like a shoulder holster security. Holding snug in place and making for easy draw if need be.

    I will have no problems recommending or suggesting Sticky holsters or there products to anyone that inquires...Hey do you know of a good IWB Clip-less holster for a Glock 30,30SF or 36?

    Next I cannot wait to try the Super Mag Pouches! Stay tuned for update.....

    Thank you,


    If you found this informative please post!:wow:
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    Mar 17, 2011
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    WI, looking better since Walker
    they look very interesting, might have to order one:wavey:

  3. Blackshirts


    Apr 8, 2012
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    PHX, Arizona
    Or they don't make it a habit to send free products to random people with no credentials simply because they email saying they want to review it. If you want to get into that you need to buy stuff and review it first. Then if you get popular companies will give you free stuff to review.