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Hi there yall,

Newbie here, sorry if this is a double post already, but I am trying to find out if the Glock 30 gen 4 is capable of being a full tactical pistol gun and has anyone done so already and what are the pros and cons of it and how’d it holding up for you ‘till now?

Full tactical means got the following items:

- RDS and slide cut + cover plate(in case dont’t wana run the gun with an RDS)
- Supressor height day/night sights
- Threaded barrel(stock/afternarket)
- Suppressor or Compensator
- Weapon Light
- Xgrip/arredondo mag extensions
- Spoons, knives, kitchen sink and etc...

Haha, the last part obviously is a joke okay lols!

Been looking around but very scarce the material I can find about it, was thinking it maybe can not work properly or got some issues with that kind of setup I reckon thats why not many of these type are out there???

Sorry for the long post...carry on :)

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Welcome to Glock Talk.

I've experimented with most of these mods except a suppressor, first on a Gen3 G30SF and later on a Gen4 G30 with good success. I've used only one tac light on the G30 (InForce APL), but that was long ago and there are better (more compact) options for that gear now such as the InForce APLc Glock and Streamlight TLR-7.

I suggest that you check out the articles in the library thread at Glock Talk linked below if you haven't found it already:

Forums > Glock Talk > Valuable Info > Glock 30/30SF/30S Information

For barrels, compensators, and caliber conversions there is info in this article: Glock 30 - Most Versatile .45 ACP Glock

My recommendations for mag options, extenders and grip extensions are presented in this article: Wide Variety of Mag Options for Glock 30

My EDC setup is described in this article: Glock 30/30SF with Red Dot Sight for CCW
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