Glock 30 Gen 4 Misfire on the Range

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    May 5, 2020
    Hello, I post this as an FYI to anyone who may carry the Glock 30 as a CCW, law enforcement, etc. I was at the range and firing when my Glock 30 misfired, I tapped and racked, a few more, and another misfire, tapped and racked, another magazine full and more misfires. I picked up the rounds that misfired (after my tap and rack) and found a very slight indentation on the primer. I put those very same rounds in my Glock 21, they fired without failure. I experienced this throughout the time at the range with my Glock 30. I discussed this with a friend who said I might need an extended firing pin. This got me to thinking about my cleaning procedures. I dismantled the weapon and in the area in front of the firing pin striker, where the firing pin slides forward through the guide to the breech face, I found debris from shooting on the range that day and previously. I thought I had cleaned this area well but apparently not. I checked the firing pin travel and sure enough, it would only go forward to a certain point and stopped. There was some sort of debris in the slot (shown in the photo). I cleaned this out really well but have not returned to the range to check and see if that was the cause of the malfunction. I just wanted to caution everyone to clean this area thoroughly so you don't have a misfire at the worst time ever...when you need the weapon to be reliable. Be careful to clean this area thoroughly. Good luck and I hope this helps others! All the Best. IMG_9289.jpeg
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    Always check my striker rattle. :cheers: