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I had one, and while I'm a fan of the 10mm, I could never really warm up to the G29.

The G29 generally shot any given load around 100 fps slower than a full-sized 1911.

Recoil was just fine. No issues there. I mostly used mags with the basepad extension, so I could grip with all of my fingers. But it would occasionally pinch my pinkie in the gap between the grip and base pad - which is an issue I do not have with the G27. Probably has more to do with my hand size than anything.

My biggest issue was that I never found a comfortable way to carry the gun. A G20 was fine. And where the G20 is just as chunky as the G29, it's larger in height and length. I think it was a matter of spreading out the width over a wider area. Where the G29 is fat and short, so the bulk hits you all in one spot. Not sure if I'm making sesne or not.

I just couldn't find a comfortable way to carry it. A thinner full-sized, all steel 1911 was more comfortable for me. So that's what I stuck with.

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