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Glock 29 owners? Do you like?

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Thinking of buying one; just want a hand cannon without being as big as a desert eagle. I've always liked the idea of a 10mm auto. It seems like a lot of Firepower. Would like to here some owner testimonials? Would you consider recoil moderate, heavy, or abusive? Thanks.

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I own a 20, 29 two 1911’s in 10mm and a Tanfoglio Witness match in 10.

I’ve been carrying the 29 for a few years as I committed to making it my carry gun. It takes commitment, no joke.
I load all my range ammo and load from mild to wild with bullet weights ranging from 135gr to 220gr. The 29 handles them all with aplomb.
My defense ammo is DT 165gr bonded and it clocks well over 1300 FPS from the little brick.
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