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Glock 27 trigger connector

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I have a new Glock 27 Gen4. I recently tried to up grade the trigger with ghost springs and trigger connector. Had no problems with install on the springs. Trigger connector, causes the slide to "jam" not allowing weapon break down. Put oem connector back in and pistol operates normally. Have tried the "fixes" on U-Tube with no help. The gun store I purchased it from had the same problem. He even tried different connectors. Anyone else have these problems? Still haven't been able to shoot it. Cold weather etc. Hope to try it out soon. I love the feel of the weapon. My previous carry was a S&W CS40. Loved it but was heavy and only 6 +1.
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You took one step forward by buying a NEW gen4 Glock27. But then took 10 steps backwards by changing the internals out to non-stock parts, before even shooting it.

The enemy of good, is better. The worst enemies to Glocks are the users.

You will eventually get it right.
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