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Glock 26

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New to me Glock 26 joins my 19

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couldnt ask for a better son and daughter combo than that
The G26 and G19 are my two favorite Glocks.
Im thinking a G17 or a 3rd gen 19 next.
G26! Congrats!!! Now you need a G17:cool:

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the 26 is a good litle gun !!!!!!!!!!
An excellent combo! :supergrin:
Cute "baby" Glock!
Hope to get one of those myself soon!
Congrats on the purchase. I just picked up a 26 myself. Here in Massachusetts, we have to buy a glock that is produced before 10/98.. and when we find them around here, they go quick! ... and not for cheap either.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I plan to enjoy mine

Great firearm. Congrats.
did the same yesterday added the 26 to the 19c have not shot it yet but i will this week
Got a 26 and the 19 is definitely next to come into the family. Great dynamic duo there.
For me thats a 22/27 combo.
I am consolidating my Glocks down to 26 and 19 in 9mm and 32 and 33 in .357sig. I am on the prowl for a 26 now.
Congrats, looks like a good pair!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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