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Glock 26,27 v S.W. 642

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I am looking for a small CC gun that can fit in a pocket holster. I have a G30 but I think it is to large. Does anyone own both a Glock 26 or 27 and a S.W. 642? Do you have pics of size comparison?

Thanks in advanced
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I too carry a G30 and i have tried a number of carry methods. I was coming to the same conclusion as you that my g30 may not be the perfect carry weapon for myself. I have decided to slim down to a small j-frame. I dont have the money quit yet to do that and there is no way i am selling my g30 to make that happen. I love the gun too much. Desperate for a more comfortable and a more wardrobe friendly carry solution till i can afford a j-frame i bought a smart carry holster. I have only had it for a few days and have been pleasantly saprised by how well it conceals my thick g30. I will have to say it is "more" comfy than my IWB holster. I think i may have found a solution that will let me carry my glock with more confidence and let me wear the cloths i want to wear when i want to wear them. If you have not tried the smart carry look it up on youtube. Im sure its not for everyone but its definitely worth a look.
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I don't have a problem carrying my 30 iwb. I am just looking for something to carry in a pocket holster.
Between my wife and I we own all three models. I don't have pictures of them, but can tell you the 642 will be the better pocket gun. The G26 and 27 are the same size with different chamberings, but both are larger than the 642. The 642 is a little wider; however, the design of the revolver tends to conceal better in a pocket to me. Many times I'll carry my G27 as my primary with the 642 as a BUG.

IMO a g26 is too big for pocket carry unless you wear very big or very baggy pants.

I pocket carry a ruger lcp quite often but may pick up a 642 at some point.
I have all three and agree that the J frame is the only one that is pocket holsterable.
I carry a G26 as a BUG on my ankle with levis carpentar jeans with no problems concealing. I tried it in the deep wide pockets front and back. It fits. It looks like you have a small book in your pocket. With a QUALITY ccw belt you may be able to tolerate this overwhelmingly thick slab of polymer and metal in your pocket for a little while. If I had no other option I would carry it this way rather than not carry it.

However I am not so sure I'd rather carry the 642 in my pocket to feel more comfortable and wear the clothes I want to wear. I enjoy the peace of having more rounds at the ready.

The blocky outline of the G26/27 slide is more apparent when carried in a pocket holster in some of my jackets.

The 642 weighs less and is more easily carried in a pocket holster in the same jackets, and is my choice in slacks and cargo-type shorts pockets.

An important potential consideration aside from overall size, weight and ease of lawful concealment, though, is how the owner can safely, accurately and effectively shoot them. Not everyone finds the diminutive DAO revolvers easy to shoot as accurately and as quickly (controllability) as a pistol of even similar overall size.

For that matter, even some owners of larger model revolvers don't find it as easy to shoot the little J-frames compared to the larger models.

It would probably benefit someone trying to decide between the two dissimilar designs to test-fire them before making their decision.
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I would pocket carry the S&W 642. IMO, the baby Glock is still a little to heavy for full-time pocket carry duty.
Great pics there fastbolt.
Kahr PM9/PM40

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Thanks, but the funny thing about such comparison pictures is that they don't always give a complete 'picture', so to speak.

Even though those are my guns in the images, they look different in comparison to each other in the images than they actually feel when carrying them in their respective pocket-holstered situations. By that I mean the J-frame feels 'smaller' when carried than it appears to be by comparison to the G26 when they're simply placed side-by-side for pictures.

Even before I retired my most commonly carried off-duty weapon was one or another of my J-frames. The smaller subcompact/compact pistols (which obviously includes my G26/27's) were occasionally selected, but it was a J-frame more often than not.

Part of the reason was that I had to carry a larger weapon most of the days and evenings as part of my plainclothes assignment and I wanted relieve myself of some weight and equipment on my own time.

Another reason was that I'd revisited and 'renewed' by earlier revolver skills and significantly increased my training & practice regimens with the J-frames. (Did I mention that the very attributes which make them so attractive as lawfully concealed weapons are also generally considered to make them more difficult to shoot as well as larger weapons?) While I couldn't do anything about the limited capacity of the 5-shot wheelguns, I focused my efforts on maximizing my skills with the available capacity and benefited from the increased comfort and concealment/carry method benefits.

Now that I'm retired the J-frames suit my daily activities, manner of dress and concealment/carry methods quite well.

They arguably aren't for everyone, though.

Then again, the same could be said for compact and subcompact semiauto pistols to some extent, as well.
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Go with the 642. Not only is it lighter, it is easier to draw from the pocket.
Take a look at Alabama Holster's ( pocket holster.
Good holster, good price.

I pocket carry a G26 in these every day. I bought like 10 pairs specifically for pocket carry. The front pockets are abnormally deep, and the cargo pocket is on the front instead of the side, which greatly enhances concealment because there is no outline. With a wilderness belt, I never feel the additional weight.

If you really want to pocket carry a g26, I would give these a try. They even have a denim version which is my favorite. Actually wearing them right now with my g26 inside.
Thanks for all the pics and info guys. I am going to go with a S.W. revolver either a 642 or a 340pd.
Thanks for all the pics and info guys. I am going to go with a S.W. revolver either a 642 or a 340pd.
I have a 27 and a 340pd. Since buying the 340pd 2 years ago, I've carried daily since. The weight makes it disappear in my pocket! I can't get the 27 to fit in my pocket.
I am looking for a small CC gun that can fit in a pocket holster. I have a G30 but I think it is to large. Does anyone own both a Glock 26 or 27 and a S.W. 642? Do you have pics of size comparison?

Thanks in advanced
Tried a number of variation for concealed carry. The double stack Glock's or for that matter any other manufacturers double stack guns were too bulky. I tried a Glock 36 for a while , then opted for a S&W 642 in a pocket holster. I alternate between the SD&W 642 and my newest a Kahr PM-9. The Kahr PM-9 is even less bulky and is surprisingly accurate for a short barreled pistol.
TBO, of your four pics above, the middle two show a Walther PPS compared with the j-frame. Only the first and last pics show a PM9.
MY decision as to what will be my handgun du jour is very "wardrobe specific", i.e; what I'm going to carry is based on what I plan to be wearing that particular day.

Today, I'm attending my grand-son's Little League All-Star baseball game out of town. I'm wearing a Fourth of July tee shirt and khaki slacks, so that means I'll have my S&W AirWeight snub in a Kramer pocket holster.

Tomorrow, I'll be wearing a suit and tie in church and will have my Glock G26 AND the snub!
I'm going to go against what I usually preach and say that for ME, I carry the J Frame 642 (I have both the 642 and a G26) in my front pocket and I SOMETIMES carry it without a holster.
It is the holster that will add the bulk in most cases.

Since the trigger pull is SO weighty on the J Frame, I'm not at all concerned about a ND. Especially when drawing the weapon. I don't even worry about damaging the crowning on the barrel because the gun by its nature is only made for close work.

Flame on if you wish about the holster thing but it works for ME. That being said, I've been carrying for 37 years without incident and I've used this method often.
From an instructor's standpoint, I would not recommend doing this but it works well for me and really aids in concealment.

When I do use a pocket holster, I use my Robert Mika holster. The key to an effective pocket holster is getting the gun to ride as low as possible in the pocket, right? Well, the less border material you have at the bottom of your holster, the better. Mika holsters are great for getting the gun low. When I need it even lower than that, I turn to the holster-less method.

BTW, I would NOT carry a semi auto without a holster.
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