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Glock 26,27, & 33 Ankle Holster

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by coastemac, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. coastemac


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    Aug 27, 2006
    Miami FL Area
    SOLD PENDING FUNDS !!!(Miami FL Area) Hey everyone, I used to own two Glocks... then fired my first XD and the rest is history. Anyway, I was going through my gun safe the other day and ran across a VERY good ankle holster made by Gould & Goodrich. Pics taken today available upon request, and the link to their site is at the bottom. I used this holster ONE TIME and also put it on this morning to take the photos, other than that it is JUST LIKE NEW !!! I no longer have any Glocks so my loss is your gain. This fits the 26,27, and 33 as per their site listing and retails for $76.71. I am asking $40 plus shipping (But I would consider trades of XD equipment i.e. mags, etc. for my SC 40!!! ) which shouldn't be much due to the light weight. Please PM me or email me with any questions, but most are either answered here or on their site. I told myself that I was going to put it on here for a few days before going to and or eBay, so time is short !!! Thanks for looking. ined&hand=Right%20Hand&hardware=undefined&gunID=00 097&gunMan=GLOCK&gunModel=27

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    XD Sub-Compact Bi-Tone .40 caSOLD PENDING FUNDS !!!