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Glock 25 ban

  1. Hi y'all!!

    Being a Glock fan from Mexico, we're very frustrated that our government only allows us civilians to own something as big as a Glock 25 (.380 ACP). Since this is the only one available for civilian use here, it led me to a very big question. How come this weapon, with a MUCH shorter and EXTREMELY LESS powerful cartridge is actually BANNED in the U.S.? It sucks coz you can't get parts for it in the US such as magazines and other accesories and then tranport those parts to Mexico (this is actually legal).

    I jumped into the BATFE website, but it's as user-friendly as the instruction manual of a Russian short-range missile launcher written in cyrillic when it comes to displaying and searching information. Can someone tell me why this gun is illegal in the US?

  2. El BATF los clasifica para importación por un sistema de puntos, como la Glock 25 es blowback, 380, miras fijas no reune los suficientes para ser importada. Si se fabricara en EU si se podría comercializar......En cuanto a las partes, las unicas que son distinitas son el carro, el cañon y el cargador, y el cargador de la Glock 19 lo puedes usar sin problemas en la Glock 25, todo lo demás es intercambiable.
  3. Google says:
  4. Sorry, what I meant was:
    The BATF calssifies handguns for importation on a point sistem, the Glock 25 does not have enough points for importation because it is a blowback design, of 380 caliber, with fixed sights and some other things...as for part interchangeability, the Glock 25 uses the exact same parts as the Glock 19 except for the barrel, slide and magazine, it even uses the same recoil spring, and Glock 19 magazines can be used in the G25, in fact most Glock 25 owners here in México use Glock 19 for practice and general shooting saving the original G25 mags for carry (if you are rich or famous)or home defense.
  5. Awesome posts, you guys!

    Thanks for clearing the smoke here! Much appreciated!
  6. Okay...but don't do that any more. Me, no-likem.:supergrin: