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  1. Since a 40 cal model was submitted for the MHS, and the 9mm and 40 cal use the same frames ( with no model markings on the frame) it is probable you can run a Glock 23 upper just fine on a 19x frame. I have been told to run a gen 4 slide on a 19x frame you just need to put on a gen 5 slide cover plate. I don’t have a 19x yet to try it but somebody has probably done it already. I could see the 23x being released probably before a gen 5 22. ( edited end cap)
  2. "end cap"?

    Will a Gen 4 slide even function on a gen5 frame??

    It's possible we could see a 23X but with .40 dwindled popularity it's slim.
  3. End cap??

    Yeah I'm not sure either?
  4. I think the Gen 4 slide will work of the gen 3 frames but not the gen 5? The end plate he is referring to is because the end of the slide is smaller on the gen 4 and would leave a gap when used on the gen3 frames. But I dont think the gen 5 slides will work on gen 4 /3 guns.
  5. It sounds like you refer to the RSA boss at the front of the slide. It so, you have everything backward.

    Only Subcompact pre-Gen4 frames can accept Gen4 slides, because all generations of Subcompact models use captive dual-spring RSAs. The slide RSA bosses are identical between Subcompact generations.

    Pre-Gen4 Compact and larger models use a thinner single-spring RSA, so the pre-Gen4 slide RSA boss is smaller than the Gen4 RSA boss. The pre-Gen4 slide will fit on a Gen4 frame, with gaps around the RSA boss. The larger Gen4 slide RSA boss will NOT fit on pre-Gen4 frames.

    I don't know what the OP meant referring to a slide "end cap". His post had been edited when I saw it. I suspect he referred to the SLIDE COVER PLATE at the rear of the slide. It is very helpful if people posting to this forum have the courtesy to look up and use proper Glock part names before posting.

    The pre-Gen5 G19 slide should fit on a Gen5 G19 frame if a Gen5 SLIDE COVER PLATE is installed on the slide. That's required because the Gen5 trigger mechanism housing polymer is higher on the right side of the TMH than it is on pre-Gen5 pistols, due to the new Gen5 trigger spring design. Therefore there must be an open square notch on the lower right side of the SLIDE COVER PLATE to allow the rear of the slide to travel along and over the right side of the Gen5 TMH as the slide is pulled backward on the frame.

    However, just because a pre-Gen5 slide can be made to fit the Gen5 frame, that does not mean that the adaptation will work properly. The Gen5 FIRING PIN SAFETY is very different from the pre-Gen5 FPS. It is designed with rear sloped surface that rides smoothly onto and over the polymer ramp on the right front side of the TMH as the slide retracts. In contrast, the pre-Gen5 FPS is a cylindrical plunger that does not ride up in contact with the TMH as the slide is retracted on a pre-Gen5 frame. If placed on a Gen5 frame, the pre-Gen5 slide's FPS may not ride smoothly upon the polymer ramp on the right front side of the Gen5 TMH. Abnormal wear of the pre-Gen5 FPS on the Gen5 TMH polymer is very likely.

    Beyond that, the Gen5 trigger bar FPS actuation arm always properly raises the new Gen5 FPS regardless of how imprecisely the trigger bar lays under the FPS. Therefore, there is no alignment bump on the Gen5 trigger bar. In contrast, the pre-Gen5 FPS requires critical lateral alignment of the trigger bar under the FPS. The absence of the trigger bar alignment bump on the Gen5 trigger bar may result in inadequate elevation of the pre-Gen5 FPS as the trigger is pulled, especially if the magazine catch has been placed on the right side.

    There is one other very important issue for using a Gen5 frame with a hypothetical slide assembly for calibers stouter than 9x19mm. The Gen5 design eliminated the Locking Block Pin and returned to a simple two-pin frame to implement the Gen5 ambidextrous slide stop lever. The LBP was added 25 years ago to non-9x19mm pistols to give needed structural stength to the frame and locking block, especially for 40SW models. Gen5 pistol construction shows no design improvements that eliminate the need for an LBP for heavier cartridge types, in spite of publicity pictures of Glock's 40SW MHS submission that show no LBP. No publicly-available details of Glock's Gen5 design for non-9x19mm calibers yet exist, if there really is such a thing.

    I believe a half-a$$ed frankenglock of a 40SW pre-Gen5 slide assembly with Gen5 slide cover plate, all installed on a 9x19mm Gen5 frame with 40SW Gen5 28926 ejector could be made to work for a while.

    There is no justification to try such a thing for practical use. But an experimental project would be interesting.
  6. Calibers other than 9mm in the 5th Gen do exist. No reason they won't be released to the public, since these don't appear to be marked contract guns like the 19 and 17M's. Doubtful we will see the version shown here, manual safety, though.

    Article mentions that the 40 cal guns aren't due for the US but we know how that all goes. If there is a market, they will be sold here.

    The San Paulo Brazil Police are testing the 5th Gen G22 according to a current article.

    Note the frame is beveled to match the slide, indicating newest production frames.


    They have a few of them around 10 I believe, so this isn't a prototype.

  7. Gen 5 Glock in 357sig please! However, I would be happy with .40 as well. The 9mm must does not do anything for me. Never has.

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  8. I would be a buyer for a 23x and or a gen5 22. Still like the 40 even with all the 9mm love out there. Black please!
  9. I've seen HK and Walther phase a lot of .40S&W models out recently so although I know there is a lot of hard core .40S&W fans in the Glock community - Glock is going to sell and bring to market what will fly off the shelves and not sit on it.

    Go to your LGS and the used gun shelves are full of .40SW caliberpistols -

    Like TXPOff posted I can see .40S&W models produced in Gen5 trim if they are adopted by other agencies (similar to recouping costs from MHS and 17/19M development), but as far as thinking Glock is just itching to bring a Gen5 pistol to market in .40S&W, I would say they are less than enthused and aren't exactly going to be doing a marketing campaign for that caliber based on its declining popularity as a whole on the civilian market.

    My .02, please, 40S&W worshippers, don't crucify me.
  10. I am very pleased with my new Glock 19X. I have several hundred rounds through it and it is a great shooter. My son purchased one after I did and it is his new EDC (along with the hi-cap mags). I was just wondering if there will be a .40 caliber variation? a 23X maybe? Has anyone heard any talk about this?
  11. You never can tell with Glock...

    With the waning popularity of the .40 I’d be kinda surprised to see a 23X. Don’t get me wrong I’m a .40 fan but with the current trend “back” to 9mm I can’t imagine it’s very high on Glocks priority list. But you never can tell with Glock...
  12. :headscratch:

    So far there’s no 40 caliber Gen 5 models.

    I would think there would be a standard G23 before the X model, no?
  13. I’m guessing we’ll see a gen 5 43 and possibly a “19L” of some sort that everyone is whining for

    Don’t foresee any 40 this year atleast but who knows

    Probably next year since many LEO are still carrying 40

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  14. I don’t see a Gen 5 G43.

    That gun follows its own pattern.
  15. You can always put a 23 upper half on a 19X frame (unless they have made some changes I don't know about).
  16. I believe we’ll see it updated with the DLC finish and ambi slide stop at most, it’s a top seller for Glock, maybe it’s wishful thinking since I’m a southpaw

    Once they cash in on the 9mm I think we’ll see 40/357 followed by 45

    I’d be leery of early adoption of them though due to going back to 2 pin

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  17. The only way to fit a pre-Gen5 G23 slide on a G19X frame is to install a Gen5 Slide Cover Plate with the larger right-side cutout that allows the slide to pass over the raised right side of the Gen5 Trigger Mechanism Housing. (That raised right side of the Gen5 TMH was necessary to implement the Gen5 TMH's compressed Trigger Spring assembly.)

    The front of the right side of the Gen5 TMH has a polymer ramp that the Firing Pin Safety rides up on as the slide retracts. The Gen5 Firing Pin Safety bearing surface is shaped properly to ride that ramp, but the pre-Gen5 FPS is not. There is little doubt that the TMH ramp polymer will wear abnormally with a Gen4 FPS riding over it.

    The Gen5 FPS bearing surface is designed to make the lateral positioning of the FPS actuating arm of the Trigger Bar under the FPS far less critical. The pre-Gen5 FPS requires critical lateral positioning of the Trigger Bar which is not assured if the Magazine Catch is positioned on the right. Thus, the pre-Gen5 FPS requires the alignment bump on the Trigger Bar below it. The Gen5 TB has no such alignment bump because the Gen5 FPS does not require critical TB positioning. There exists a possibility that a pre-Gen5 slide assembly on a Gen5 frame may result in insufficient FPS lift if the Magazine Catch is installed on the right side.

    A person who understands Gen5 versus pre-Gen5 component interactions will not mix a pre-Gen5 slide assembly with a Gen5 frame.
  18. But when the Gen 5 23 comes out (cause its gotta) I bet it would fit.
  19. I would definitely buy this g23X minus the safety.
  20. I'd buy it with or without a safety!
  21. Double post.
  22. Yes...it definitely would.

    I really respect the engineering improvements made to the firing mechanism for the G17M, G19M, G42, G43, Gen5, and G19X models... EXCEPT for the significant weakening of frame-to-locking block structural integrity by the elimination of the Locking Block Pin. That's OK for the mild 9x19mm pistols, but not for significant calibers. That was demonstrated by hard experience more than 25 years ago. Nothing was changed in the Gen5 design that has promise of preventing a recurrence. It appears that the LBP was removed as part of the design for the ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever... a truly superfluous innovation mandated for the M models by that good ol' wonderful FBI bureaucracy.

    I would love to have an all OEM Gen5 G31, but I never will if it lacks an LBP. Not for a second. No temptation at all.
  23. I'd trade in my G22 for one of these.
  24. A thumb safety would make a Glock perfect for me, instead of almost.
  25. I would buy one if it was black.
  26. I thought they went to the 3 pin bc of the .40 why did that pic only show it being a 2 pin? Or is that just someones edit?
  27. MHS gun was made in both 40 and 9

    I don’t see any internal changes beefing up that area telling me there won’t be any issues on a 2 pin 40 but time will tell

    They also bragged about the 9mm going 12,000 rounds before stoppages but no word on the 23MHS

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  28. How about something in a production version not just and MHS trial gun. Witha thumb safety no less.....

    The 40's are coming, no idea when

  29. I'll take mine in FDE please.
  30. What did you ghost out of the pictures?....
  31. They took both but only submitted the 9mm for testing.
  32. Thanks for sharing this.
  33. Gawd, I hope not. Then all we would see would be posts about yet another abomination of proportions.
  34. I often carry my 23 with a 22 mag and X Grip.
  35. Don't get me wrong, I really like my 19x but a 23x in black would be the ultimate weapon in my opinion. Does anyone have any insight on possible production?

  36. I agree a 23x would be great, as would a 27x
  37. Both of those would be good offerings but would really like a 26X first.
  38. They’ll HAVE to do one in black... I bought this FDE/Bronze coloration because of the “2nd Kind Of Cool” factor... is buy another in all black too!
  39. Me want !
  40. I’ll be the first one in to say it takes the worst of both worlds and makes it even worser.
  41. Not everything is about you
  42. The 19X was dumb enough.
  43. Glock-MHS-23-Pistol-40-SW-TFB-2-copy-660x495.jpg
  44. A 32X would be nice too.
  45. I wouldn't mind a G19x in black either, but if they made a G23x that you could fit with G32 barrels and 40-9 conversion barrels that would be the ultimate Glock.

    I've handled the G19x and I love how it feels and balances in my hands but I absolutely hate the color. It's the only Gen 5 gun I like that has no finger grooves and no dumbass mag cut-out either.
  46. What’s with these threads?

    Don’t you think Glock should release Gen 5’s is other calibers before an X model? You’re getting ahead of yourself.
  47. I honestly felt the same way about the color but after shooting it, I don't care what color it is. It's the best Glock I've ever owned. I just wish it was in .40 cal..
  48. Any 19x owner try running a G23 upper yet?
    There was/is a single pin G23/ 40cal mhs/Brazil model.
  49. The Brazilian gun is a 22. The MHS 40 is a 23.
  50. Thanks for the reminder. I want a mhs/ 23x.