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So I have been thinking about what happens when you compare the Glock 23 40S&W to the Glock 29 10mm. This looks like a no brainier right? When you look at them side by side you see that the G23 is lighter, slimmer, holds more rounds and has a longer barrel. The G29 is shorter, fatter and is of course 10mm.
So, if we were to compare let's say Hornady critical defense in the 175gr in both calibers, how would that come out? We know this is a neutered 10mm offering. Would the G29 be more or less effective?
To bump it up a notch, what happens when you compare something like the Underwood offerings in equal bullet weights? Does the G29 then totally outshine the G23?
My son has a G29 and I have a G23, we plan to get together and solve this pondering through the chronograph.
I'm curious to see what others have to say.
Oh, and yes I have looked, no one has done this comparison on YouTube or talked about it on line.
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