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Glock 23 or S&W m&p 4.40? Could use some input!

  1. I just recently bought a XD9 and I love it. But now I'm ready for a gun with more fire power. I dont think I want a .45 just quite yet due to ammo and me being in college money is still an issue. I am getting my cpl here soon so I will be carrying. So basically I have narrowed it down to these two firearms. ( I am left handed and I know that bears huge in my decision) Thanks for any advice about these weapons!
  2. If you like the XD9, you'll love the XD40. If thats not an option, both guns are good choices but I'd go with the Glock 23.

  3. I'd go for the Glock. You should check out the G27 too. Its a little easier to carry and you can carry a G23 or G22 mag as your reload if you want.
  4. M&P 40

    I really like the ergos on these guns and I carry a 40c daily.
  5. I recently purchased a Glock 27, and I am developing a very strong dislike for the pistol. It is reliable, but the Glock trigger is a nightmare to get used too, the recoil is atrocious, I find it impossible to control rapid fire, and the grip actually wore a sore spot on the palm of my hand. The back of the grip has what I can only descibe as serrations. I have resorted to putting black tape on it when I shoot it.

    I had the chance to fire a friend's M&P compact. Buy that.
  6. I'd just get another 9mm or just buy more ammo for your Xd. The difference between 9mm and 45ACP and 40 is not enough to worry about. Worry about making the shot.
  7. Tough Question:

    The Glock is excellent, but the M&P40FS is 3 calibers in one (40S&W, 357Sig, 9mm)and has fully supported chamber. Real sweet shooter too.

  8. @Dasglockenspiel

    I dont understand what that means..3 calibers in 1. Please explain.
  9. did not like the M&P and sold it (or had to give it away) for a loss,resale value on M&Ps is terrible,go for the glock......
  10. sometimes it is better in these hard time to stick with one type of ammo.
  11. The Glock 23 has this too. Its the main reason I went with it over the Glock 19. The Glock 23 is the same size as its 9mm cousin the G19. With the glock you can buy a conversion barrel and G19 mags and shoot 9mm out of your G23 if you want. You can also buy just a regular Glock barrel for .357 sig and using your normal G23 mags shoot .357. As such, you can shoot 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 sig out of one gun, hence 3 in 1.

    I have a Gen 4 G23 and the thing shoots like a champ. I've never shot another .40 that handles the snap as well as the Glock. Go Glock and never look back.

  12. He's saying you can get conversion barrels for it.

    You can do the same with glock though, and probably has more aftermarket support/accessories.

    Oh and don't buy into the "fully supported chamber" BS. Someone will be here shortly to post the picture of how there's little to no difference between '09 and later glock models compared to other pistols.
  13. The 23 is sweet. Perfect size and 15 and 22 rd. mags for the extra firepower you seek.
  14. This! Gen 4 27 all the way. GAP floor plates too.
  15. I just bought a Gen 4 Glock 23 this week and I love it, and you being left handed glocks mag release will work on either side, go with the 23
  16. Have a glock 17,20,23,27 all of which were bought before I got the M&P 9, let's just say I don't see myself buying another glock. I love glocks, but my hand is infatuated with the M&P
  17. I have a Gen 4 23 and a S&W M&P 40c and its a hard choice,right now I wished I'd had bought a 27 instead of the 23
  18. It sounds to me like you need to find a range you can rent both from and go shoot them side by side. If you are looking for a consensus here you will not find it.
  19. I prefer the ergos of the M&P.

    That said, I'm not much of a 40S&W fan.
  20. Hands down M&P. I have owned a G17, G22, and G23 and sold all of them and replaced them with M&Ps. I have an M&P9L, M&P9c, and M&P40 and all have been utterly reliable. The 9L has over 3000 rounds through it with not a single stoppage.

    I will never own another Glock, not because they are bad guns it's just because the M&P does everything better.
  21. I've owned both and both are good guns, you can't go wrong with either one. The G23 is a better suited to concealed carry, has a better trigger reset and mags are cheaper and more plentiful. The M&P .40 is a great range gun and can be carried, but it's a full-size service pistol. Mags can be tough to find when S&W's supplier is running behind, but it has a very ergonomic grip.
  22. I ran into a problem when I finally held an m&p. I have to say if they made a version with same dimensions as the 19/23 I'd be sold.
  23. I have all three myself. You'll wish you got the 27 and not the M&P. The M&P compact is very close in size to the 29/30 Glocks. The barrel is longer than the 27 as is the slide. It's taller and weighs more than both the 27 and 23. The 23 fully loaded (14) weighs the same as the M&P 40C fully loaded (11).

    Then there is mag compatibility and the new(ish) factory 22 rd. mags. I actually get more grip with the 27 and extensions than the 40C with extensions though the 40C is taller. The 27 has a lower bore axis. I rarely carry the 27 though even here in Florida. The 23 has a better balance IWB for me. The 27 seems to sit with the belt midway with it no cant. The 23 sits medium-low, better for running, bending, reaching and such at least for me.
  24. :goodpost:

    Agreed with above. Put the bullet where it needs to go and don't worry about the caliber. (Well, unless you're shooting a real mouse gun like a .380 or .32...) Practice with what you have, maybe pick up a Glock 26 or one of the true small 9mms like an LC9, Kahr PM-9, Kel-Tec PF-9. The advantage of the micro 9s is you will get your recoil fill without the cost of a bigger caliber. (Having had a PF-9, fired a Kahr MK-9, a KT P-11 and a couple of different small-framed .38s, I consider the Glock 26 the smallest "real" gun available. It doesn't compromise as much as the other designs, but it is harder to hide.)

    If you really want something with more punch, get yourself a .357 Magnum revolver. No need for those widdle auto pistol rounds then. :whistling:
  25. HAha agreed I do have 2 .357 S&W revolvers as well. I got what I was looking for (peoples own oponions), thanks everyone. And yes i have yet to go shoot either gun but that is on the agenda for the weekend.