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Glock 23 Magazine Jam Issue

  1. I thought I would share with the Glock world. I recently bought two new G23 magazines. These magazines are the ambi cut magazine bodies with #8 followers. In 300 rounds I have had three FTFeed jams. Two solved with a tap, rack, the other catastrophic. The catastrophic failure was bad. The round jumped out of the magazine and the round under it jammed on the feed ramp. The round above the jammed round on the feed ramp was loose in the pistol. In order to clear it I had to tilt the pistol completely up side down to let the loose round fall out, tried a tap rack, no success, stripped and ripped the magazine and then reinserted. I wasn't happy. I talked to Glock today and they said that the newest G23 magazines should have #8 followers and a #2 on the lower right hand corner of the magazine body on the back, near the Glock logo. I have to bring those in and they will swap them out (I'm 10 miles from Glock, Inc.) I will update when I actually make it over to Glock, Inc. The gentleman I talked to said that they had a few issues with these magazines and the #2 magazine body is the most current. We shall see if that solves the problem.
  2. Anyone have the same problem?
  3. I have a pretty new G23 with 4 magazines, and no issues.
  4. I had two FTE in my first 150 rounds or so with my new G23 shooting WWB. These were with the newer #2 mags with #8 follower. l cleaned the extractor real thoroughly and put a drop of Break-Free on the Extractor pivot point. Seemed to solve the problem---at least I haven't had a similar experience until one of my handloads hung up a few hundred rounds later. Now I think I have isolated the problem to one specific magazine.
    Frustrating when you are used to a G19 than never has any problems in hundreds of rounds.:crying:
  5. For all kinds of reasons I'm pleased as punch to have all 4 of my Glock from gen 3. Never any problem in any of them....in 20K rounds. Looks like the gen 4 Glocks are having some problems. I keep hearing of new ones all the time. When all is said and done I wonder how many issues the gen 4 Glocks will have. If I ever get a gen 4 Glock is will be much later, after they get all the kinks worked out. This is very alarming and does no instill confidence in the new generation of Glocks as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Not exactly the same problem. With a G22 and G23 shooting one handed I got some failures to feed, generally in the middle rounds. Bullet nose lodged against inside front of mag. Pull back slide and release and it feed.

    This is a somewhat common problem with some GEN3 40 calibers. No one knows for sure why some guns work and others don't. I tried heavier mag spring and it helped but did not cure problem. So hate to say it but I doubt if other mag will solve your problem. Problem is probably in gun itself. Many theories involving frame flex and most often problems occur with light attached, but not always.

    I would guess the Gen 4 recoil spring is an attempt to solve this problem.

    What Gen is your glock? If a Gen 4 maybe glock has not solved the problem with redesigned recoil spring.
  7. This issue is with Gen 3 guns. There is no Gen 4 model 23 as of yet.