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Glock 23 for duty use

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I am looking to get a 23 for duty and off duty use. The 22 is a fine pistol but a little big for concealed carry. Also thinking about carrying spare 22 mags on duty belt. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
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I think it would be a good choice. There is another guard at my company that carries that set up... a 23 with 22 spare mag.
The G23 is an OUTSTANDING combat pistol and is very easy to conceal/carry. I highly recommend it.
The G23 is the perfect balance of size/wieght/power/capacity on the market:patriot:
I can't think of a better set up for a duty Rig.
When I was on patrol I carried the 22, and 23, off duty.
I still carry the same 23, but have retired the 22.
I never thought of using the 23 for duty and 22 Mags, I always shot the 23 beter than the 22, and it would make good sense.
Good luck, and keep the bad guys where they belong.

The 23 is my duty weapon. I also have a SIG 229 but the Glock is so much lighter and in adverse weather/sweating in the New Orleans heat, the 23 fairs better with it's Tenifer finish. I am using the 13 round 23 mags but the 22 mags will give you the extra rounds if you need them. Keep the 13 round 23 mag in the gun while it's in your holster and a few 2 mags on the other side should you need them.
Why not carry the 22 for duty and just use the 23 off duty?
A lot depends on which one fits your hand better. In my case, a G22 fits perfectly. And with the right holster, you can make a G22 disappear under just a sport shirt. To each their own.

I do better with the G23 than with the G22, and carried one on & off duty for several years. When I use 22 mags in my 23, it feels weird and doesn't do as well as the 23 mags.

Off duty, I like Blade Tech's Fits All IWB for Glocks......

I'd say see what works best for you.............

Our department issues both the 22 and 23. Officers get to choose what works better for them. Both are fine for what they do.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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