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Glock 22C...WTS!

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I have a Glock 22C, 40S&W with a 3.5lb connector and meprolight night sights, 2 hi-cap magazines, all original paperwork and box. Also included in the deal would be about 1500 pieces of assorted brass, mostly speer once fired, otherwise mixed headstamp and one full box of 155gr. winchester ranger ammo.

The gun is in perfect condition, no scratches or dings at all. Approximetely 150 rounds fired by myself only.

Glock offers the ported model glocks to civilians for right around 500.00 new. With the meprolights, 3.5lb connector, brass and ammo, Id like to get 675.00 for the whole package (see below also) but am willing to negotiate.

I will consider a trade for a G29 or G30 in like condition, NF NXS scope + cash and various .308 reloading stuff.

I am adding 900 155gr. TC bullets, hornady new dimension .40/10mm dies, 200 primers and some blue dot powder if you want it.

675.00 takes the whole package...
475.00 takes the gun, night sights, original equiptment and ammo.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts