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Glock 22 to 9mm and 357

  1. Can i change my glock 22 to make it shoot 357 sig and 9mm by just changing the barrel and getting new mags or will i need to do more modifications, Thanks
  2. G22 -> .357 is just a barrel change, same mag.
    G22 -> 9mm is a G17 upper change with G17 mag.
  3. You can shoot .357 out of a .40 mag!
  4. Yes. I believe a .357 has a necked down .40 casing to accommodate a .357 bullet.
  5. cool, one more question, would a 5.5" or 6" .357 barsto barrel also fit in a g22 with no gunsmithing or changes, Thanks:)
  6. If you want to know if having extra barrel sticking out is OK, the answer is yes. If you want to know if a BarSto will fit in the slide, there's only one way to know for sure ;)
  7. thanks;f
  8. I shoot 357 sig out of my G22 all the time. In fact, I shot about 150 today.;) The .40 mags work fine. I think you need to have a third generation frame though for 357 sig. Apparently it is reinforced and can accomodate the higher slide speed and pressure of the 357 round.

  9. No, it isn't. If you necked down a 40, the OAL would be too short. I guess that is a common misconception. The cases do share some common dimensions, however, allowing the 357 SIG case to fit in a 40 S&W magazine.

  10. You don't need a 17 upper to shoot 9mm. Several companies sell 9mm conversion barrels that fit in the 40 cal. slides. Add a couple 9mm mags and your good to go.
    I have a Lone Wolf conversion barrel in my G23 and it works great.
  11. Where is a good place to buy .357 Sig barrel for G22?
  12. Be aware, though - I talked to Dan at Lonewolf on Friday. They are having problems getting barrels from Federal - something to do with customs. I had ordered a 357 bbl for my 35, and it is backordered. Hard telling when it will come in. I guess Federal had to change customs brokers or something.

    At any rate, be prepared for a wait!

  13. Get a factory G31 barrel for your G22.
    Fits right in with no mods.
  14. The .357sig and 9mm glocks have the best case support.
  15. My 357 Sig experience:

    1) Kel-Tek P40 w/ 357 Sig barrel, Power Pistol 125 gr, case bulge and primer falls out with 12% overload, wimpy

    2) G22 with an Olymipic Arms 357 Sig barrel, LONGSHOT, 124 gr JHP, case bulge and primer falls out with oblong primer pocket, 22% overload, wimpy

    My G22 40 S&W experience with good case support:

    1) 135 gr, Power Pistol, 55% overload, could go higher but no more will fit, extremely loud

    2) 180 gr, Power Pistol, 68% overload, can go higher, extreme recoil