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I have 12 G22 .40 Caliber 15 Round mags that are very close to new, used very little, and 10 more that I bought used but are still in very usable condition.

I am asking $12 for the newer ones, and $8 for the more used ones, for a total of $224 for all of them. I will pay the shipping.

I also have a G31 barrel for .357 SIG that will drop into a G22 that I would like $75's never been used. It's a Glock factory part, not an aftermarket bbl.

I want to sell the mags together, as I really need the cash right now. I will sell the barrel separately, however.

PM me if you're interested. No personal checks...M.O. or Cashier's Check only...or cash if you're in the Lansing, MI area and we can meet.
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