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I like both also. I do not have any issues with the ambi mag release either. Some folks do not like the ambi and it's center locking pad on the mag.
The recoil is more comfortable.
I really wanted something accurate for the range and I am very happy with the potential the 21sf has.
I found a few comments on the net and from the local armorer that the 21 is generally accurate. So I tried a few factory loads and was amazed that hanheld from a bench I got 25 yd (not feet) groups with Federal Classic HP that were 2" with the flyers and had strings of 3 and 4 shots touching at about 1" :wow:

I really like the SF frame size and smooth trigger face also.

As for reliability it has been good overall, but I did find a few WWBox on break in that did not go fully into the chamber. This may have been me being too thin on the lube on a new pistol that day and I did not have any issues with the Fed HP at all. With more lube and 20 more rounds it seemed to improve with the WWB too but a couple of them seemed to have a rough edge on the case mouth. The SF seems to have a recoil spring that is a bit on the light side by design. I checked back with the dealer and found that mine was returning to battery a bit better than a new unfired one if you allowed the slide to go home slowly by hand. So some lube and a little cycling seem to be helping, but that is not unusual with any semiauto IMHO. After about 75 rounds no issues and the mags hold 13 and it would empty them in rapid fire. The brass comes out ok too on mine and are not deformed if you were wondering about reloading.
Bottom line for me is - I really like it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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