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Glock 21 for Glock 23

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Today I traded my glock 23 for a glock 21, straight up. Both are gen 4. The 23 turned out to be to little in my hands. Once I gripped the 21 it felt just right.
I had to make the trade. So there goes all my 40 ammo, and switched to 45. Made it to the range to, what a blast. I feel like I got a great deal. Now to stock up
on 45. 150 rounds downrange, no problems. Got it stocked with 230 gr pdx.
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Congrats I loved my 21 as well but found it expensive to feed, so I traded mine for the new G43, but I tell ya I loved how great the 21 shot, soft and a tack driver... Here are a few brands of ammo I tested from my G21.. Gotta love the size of the .45's I still have my 30SF to make big holes... Enjoy your new Glock...


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Congrats on a great gun.

9mm and .45acp are the main pistol rounds I own. Never really saw much need for .40s&w even though I've had a couple. For now, 9mm & .45acp are just fine by me.

I'd like to add a 10mm for hunting....and I keep .380 on hand for my wife's LCP....and some carry .38+P Gold Dot loads for my 442.

Sounds like you are already enjoying the extra real estate of the G21. My experience with them is limited to a single Gen3 version I once owned. It was an excellent weapon. It was accurate as all get out and it squelched the already manageable .45acp recoil down to a level of smoothness that would have the front sight back on target with ease.

I also had a Gen3 G20 around that time, too. Same results......thing sloughed off the recoil nicely. Even the hot loads I tried were no biggie.

I was foolish for flipping those two to fund other gun buys......but the fever for something else was compelling at the time, I guess.

You did well on a straight up trade.....and also did well to get some great ammo lined up.

A G21 is a solution to a heap of gun needs. Great shooting pistol.
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