Glock 21 Barrel stripping?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by greysky, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Mar 12, 2001
    Has anyone heard of the 21 having problems with a certain type of barrel erosion? At the range yesterday a Florida police instructor and Glock amoror told me that he had to return a 21 because the barrel actually "stripped". A year or so ago I was on this forum trying to find a way to remove fouling out of my new 21, I scrubbed and soaked the barrel for a week and never got the barrel clean, a year later and after five hundred rounds of hardball, and religous cleaning the barrel still looks like there is leading present or some kind of erosion. Does anyone have any feedback on this? Thanks Greysky
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    Dec 29, 1998
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    I remember something about this a couple of years ago. I think, though not positive that the inside of the barrel gets the tenifer coating as well as the exterior. I remember something about a Glock rep saying that it was probably some excess tenifer. I do know what you are talking about because my G30 has something like you describe in it. I have shot over 5K rounds and have never had a problem with it. If your accuracy is good and you do not notice any copper buildup in any particular spot on the inside of the barrel I would not worry about it. Of all the things that could possible ever go wrong with a Glock, the Glock barrel is at the very bottom of the list.

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    Jul 26, 2002

    I have seen this in the barrel of my 2nd generation 21.
    In fact, it was in there when i bought the gun, (used), and when i got it home and looked down the barrel, i almost freaked out. It looked like 'pitting,' running length ways along the rim of the rifling in the bore...

    I took a bottle of 'Break Free,' and poured it in the barrel, and 'on' a copper .45 cal cleaning brush, ran it back and forth, while 'twisting' the barrel in my hand to cover all the spots.

    I had to do this, then 'wipe' the bore with patches, repeat, repeat, etc. four or five times, to get it "all" out.

    The patches were black as soot, but each time i would look down the bore with a light, it looked clean as a new one...'except for the narrow black line running along side the rifling.

    After a range session, with all factory ammo, it had the same thing in it again... "powder residue," that just happens to build up in an almost invisible thin line, along side each groove in the bore.

    This is "nothing to worry about," and it will come out with some firm and persistent scurbbing with a copper brush and 'Break Free'.

    To be honest... you 'really got to look' to see it, but, it is just residue build up...

    One sure way to tell, and it is what i did... i took a safety pin, and bent the pointed end at a 90 degree angle, reached up in the bore from the muzzle end, with tons of light from the breech end, and placed the point on the black line and 'pulled'..... it was hard black dust!......Residue.

    Beats the heck out of me why it is staying in there.. does not do this on my other weapons... but it does in this one. Shouldn't hurt one thing!.... My 21 shoots excellent groups!

    Well, that's that!

    Hope that helps!