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Hi new here and I came across a Old Post from 2016 talking about the Glock 21s with the stamp 4340 you need to change some parts ASAP so just wondering what parts I need to change or if anybody got some more info on the Glock 21 that stamps 4340 had a spring break on me just wondering if I should replace the spring $6 or get a whole trigger but I read changing the whole trigger requires some tuning to it View attachment 1113437 View attachment 1113439
The "4340" stamp you are referring to is on the ejector.

From GLOCK Parts List, Will-Fit Info, & Order Form for Certified Armorers Only:

Glock Part# 8196 Ejector only - 10mm, .45 Auto, .45 GAP (marked 8196-2) replaces 4340-marked ejector - ref only / not for sale. Use 8203 Trigger Mechanism Housing

Glock Part #8203 Trigger Mechanism Housing w/ 8196-2 ejector installed - fits G20,G21,G29,G30,G30S,G36 (Excludes Gen4)

Reread @L.A.Tactical post #5 in the thread from 2016 that you refer to:
Do I need to "update" my Gen 2 Glock 21 (serial XL***)? | Glock Talk

If you are still concerned about replacing the Trigger Mechanism Housing as referenced above, give Glock a call or e-mail and ask them about the replacement.

General Contact: Please contact [email protected] to inquire about new products, existing product information, current sales orders, your pistol's production date and returns.

Technical/Warranty Support: GLOCK is proud to offer world class service on your firearm. Please contact our Technical Service or Warranty Department for information regarding services offered for pistols and parts. Contact [email protected] or [email protected]
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