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Glock 21/21SF .45 Super shooters, out there?

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Hi guys,
It's been some time since I've posted on GT,but the best info. from GT members I got early this year was how to set up my Glock 21SF to handle .45 Super rounds.
I have installed a Lone Wolf SS 6" non-ported barrel, ISMI SS non-captured guide rod, 22lb. ISMI recoil spring and of course, new .45 Super brass. I have been shooting some decently powered rounds from this set up and it works great.
How are some of your 21s rigged up to shoot .45 Super and what type of ballistics are you getting from some of your reloads?

Been hunting yet with your 21 using the .45 Super rounds?

Thanks for any input!
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I thought about converting my G21 to 50 GI or 45 Super and I went with the Super. I basically did what you did with the guide rod and recoil spring. It seems to work great. I converted my 4506 about two years ago and prefer shooting that in 45 Super. Both of them work fine with 45 ACP or Super. I have not tested it for velocity but both are fun to shoot.

I only fire about 150 to 200 rounds of super through each one. Maybe a little more through the 4506!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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