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Glock 20 SF as a next purchase

  1. OK so I am thinking of getting a G20sf as my next purchase I have always wanted a 10 MM so I think this spring is time to get one.
  2. Very cool

    10mm is a great round.
  3. I love my g20, but do wish I had the sf.
  4. If you can afford to feed the beast go for it!
  5. I just bought one a month ago love the 20 sf but keep in mind the gen 4 is coming soon
  6. Excellent choice! The gen 3 20sf is a proven handgun! I really wouldnt want to be among the first to order a gen 4 20, considering how many problems theyve been having with other gen 4's....In all likelihood, theyll be fine, but you just wont know till theyve been out for a while. My point is, the gen 3 20sf is a sure thing for reliability, the gen 4, which no one knows for sure when it is coming out, is not a sure thing.

    Be sure to check out underwoodammo.com. They are one of very few companies that make REAL FULL POWER 10mm ammo. And the ONLY place I know of that makes it for so cheap! Doubletap is notorious for lying about their velocities. Most of their 10mm ammo is off by 150-250fps...

  7. Yea +1 on the Gen 4's. I'll stick with my Gen 3's.

  8. You'll enjoy it.
  9. It's a goodun!

    It's a bit expensive and gets better if you handload! Save your brass!!

    I have a larger hand and find the std 20 just fine. I did add a ext slide release so I can manipulate all controls without shifting my grip. It's a great shooter!

    Here is the very first mag of 15 outta mine at 10 yards:


  10. love my 20 sf.
  11. It's an excellent gun, particularly for reloaders. I shoot more 9mm than 10mm, but having the 10mm keeps me out of unwanted discussions with the 1911 crowd, and that's worth the cost of the gun.
  12. It's a brick but I love mine!
  13. I have a regular G20, and, it is hands down, my favorite hand gun. I'd have to believe, you will really enjoy a SF!:supergrin:
  14. The G 20 SF when I find the right deal on is one I will grab,in a heartbeat. SJ 40