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Glock 20 recoil tamed after break-in

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I bought a G20 and disliked it after the first 2 magazines (180g FMJ). I have a bad shoulder and I did not like the recoil. I took it back out today and fired another 3 magazines through it and the recoil feels much less. It was much more manageable and honestly felt better to shoot that my 1911 that I brought along. Am I crazy or does it just take 50-100 rounds to break in the recoil spring??????
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That seems odd to me but maybe someone with more experience can chime in.

No matter what is happening with a recoil spring, all the reaction force is still going through your hands. A spring does not absorb energy it stores it, and it only does that because of your stationary hand.

Maybe you just got a little used to the recoil. I will be interested to hear the responses here.
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