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Glock 20 or 29

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considering a Glock 20 or 29 10mm.........Bear activity on the property. Only for defense

any advice?
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What 40 Mike Mike said above.

I have the G29 and my son has the G40. I can put a lone wolf 6 inch barrel on my G29 and it becomes just as accurate and hard hitting as the G40. My son and I have stood side by side and exchanged weapons. If you don't look at the weapons the G29 with the six inch barrel feels just like the G40.

There is nothing you can do to the G40 make it as easy to cary as the stock G29.

View attachment 1001629

It might be ugly but it works.
That is the single coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Headed home to stick the Jarvis National Match 6" residing in my G20 into the G29 for a trip to the range!
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