Glock 20 G3

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  1. jlh1950


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    Feb 9, 2011
    Can the stock barrel be safely used with reloads, or are there case-bulging issues, etc, as in the 40 S&W. I might acquire a 10mm, and would be reloading for it, using Starline Brass, and bullets from Missouri Bullet Co,

  2. Taterhead


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    Dec 13, 2008
    My well used Gen 3 G20 has seen virtually nothing but reloads for years. Don't pay attention to the noise about Glock bulges and all of that. By the way, my experience is the same in 40 S&W too. Allegedly some of the early 40 S&W Glock barrels were hugely cavernous, and there was some bad Federal brass way back when. The combo of the two made some blowouts. I haven't fed my Glocks factory ammo for years. And then it was only to function test my carry ammo.

    Now a little common sense is in play here, obviously. When I load for max effort, I use new brass. That spent brass is tossed into the range assortment. A case will then go for about another 9 reloads on average. I have loaded some pretty hot ammo without so much as a slight Glock smile.

    If you follow good loading procedures, you'll be fine. This is true with Glock barrels and with non-Gock barrels. The key to shooting cast will be bullet fit. If it doesn't fit then you'll get leading. And even if they do fit, any given barrel can still lead due to a number of factors. I really like PowerBond bullets for every day blasting ammo. It is a bit more expensive than cast, but they work really well. Precision Delta work well too. If going with cast, then the Hi-Tek coated bullets are showing a lot of promise without the mess and smoke of lubed cast bullets.

    I usually get my Power Bonds from a local supplier, but best online prices are usually found here:

    For coated cast bullets, I can vouch for these bullets in 40 and 10mm. They are fairly spendy for small quantities, but case quantities have decent prices. Good folks too:

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    Jul 6, 2015
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    taterhead nailed it, couldn't have said it better myself.
    Said it before and I'll say it again, in my OEM glock barrels my G22 with min loads bulge cases more than my G20 will full power max loads. go figure.