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Glock 20 G20 10mm Magazines, some pre-ban (DFW)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by mPisi, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Sep 29, 1999
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    Older 10mm mags for sale, none of these have the ambidexterous cuts or any other recent vodoo :supergrin:

    Free shipping for 3 or more mags.

    Payment by Paypal (+3%) or USPS MO ship upon receipt, check OK but held until clear.

    Email is preferred.

    Photo of mags: Mags for sale

    Lot 1: (right side of picture) SPF
    3x post-ban drop-free 15-round magazines. Essentially new. 2 are marked LEO and the 3rd is only "restricted". $60 for all 3. SPF

    Lot 2: (left side of picture) SPF
    3x PRE-BAN non-drop-free 15-round magazines. Used but solid. $60 for all 3. SPF

    Lot 3: (center of picture) SPF
    4x PRE-BAN non-drop-free 15-round magazines, each with a +2 extension for 17 capacity. Used but solid. $80 for all 4. SPF

    Lot 4: (not shown in photo) SPF
    2x drop-free 10-round mags. Essentially new, one has light paint or tape residue on the back. $30 for 2. SPF
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