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Just an update. Bought a 22lb recoil spring, stainless guide rod, and gen4 adapter. 200 rds and not one failure to extract/eject. Problem seems to be solved. Cycles powder puff and hot loads well.

Reading through the internet im seeing a lot of people switching to stronger springs, which seems to fix whatever issue they're having. Which has me wondering, after all these years why doesn't glock put a stronger spring in the G20?
I've been curious about this, myself, at times...why not stronger RSA's? If the slide moves too fast after the shot, the extractor can definitely rip off of the case rim, even if nothing is wrong with the extractor. The plus with a heavier duty RSA is in many cases, it will still cycle standard pressure ammo if your grip is good. It merely slows the slide enough to let the case pressure come down enough for the case to be extracted. If you're having inertia feeds (round is fed from mag without the stripper rail picking it up and it rams the case already in the chamber before extraction...aka 'double feed'), which is more common in these kinds of calibers (powerful semi auto boolits), you may want to choke up on your grip, some, especially when the mag only has a couple cartridges left in it and +2 especially with hot ammo. I'd also check to see if you get these double feeds with all your mags or is it just may be nothing more than a defective mag spring.
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