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I had a glock 21 gen 3 that I’ve had for under a year with few hundred rounds through it. Upon inspection during cleaning, I found a couple small nicks/chips on the inside of the slide (one in the rsa ring area, and one on the stripper bar). Seemed fine functionally, but it did bother me it being a brand new gun, so I contacted glock and they replaced the entire gun (they were out of stock of slides).

The strange thing is the replacement has a “chip” in one of the exact same areas as the one I sent in. This makes me wonder if it is either a chip at all or if it is intentionally there. Can anyone who has a new or well kept glock 21/20 gen 3 check this area to see if it is a chip or not? My glock 26 does not appear to have this so it is very confusing.

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If they replaced the whole gun then Glock thought something was wrong! Looks like a small machining defect that is being repeated in a lot of slides.
If not a manufacturer defect it is a weak spot in the part.
I wouldn't want that in a new gun either.
Send that back too.
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