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Glock 19x vs 19MOS

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Got me a 19x today...almost got a 19 Gen 5. Made the splurge and got this instead. Gen 5 was 504 OTD and this was 594 OTD and came with night sights. Overall I'm excited about this gun. The grip length is not that much more compared to my 19 which I have pictures of below. Some will hate on this gun, but it serves a different purpose. Gen 5 mags will work with a baseplate swap so no concern in regards to that. One thing I did not like on the gen 5 was the cut out...Magwell wasn't impressive to me. I'm looking forward to implementing this into some IDPA matches. Trigger is smoother than my gen 4 and mag release works better also even with my Vickers one I just installed. Here's some pics.

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Congrats to you as well. It's an in between gun and I'm excited about taking it out this weekend. I think it's better than the q7 and 19 gen 5 due to no cut and comes with better sights without a big premium.

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Yep, I'm hoping to get to the range in the morning, if it's not raining.

The cutout on the 17s have never bothered me as my pinky doesn't go that far down but I've never liked that on the 19s.
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