My pup needs surgery so I'm putting up some items I don't use. I bought this 19M talked about in the following thread pre-owned:
How about an M series photo thread?
#74 has details with more photos.

I was told the prior owner rode a desk and the lack of finish wear certainly bears that out, any imperfections in the photos are dust/lint. I put 100 rounds through it. I'm not a collector so I'd like to see someone who appreciates what it is end up with it. Right now I'd prefer to keep the sale local to me in the Denver metro area and the ffl fees are included in the price. I have everything it came with new plus another 15rd mag new in the package and two holsters-BladeTech Nano iwb new in the package and a LAG Defender set-up for owb. I have an email from Glock stating this was imported in December of 2016.

$750 ftf at my preferred dealer. I can ship but I'm limited to getting to the shop on Saturdays and we all know things can get wonky this time of year with shipping. I'm more than happy to FaceTime with the pistol/accessories, again my preference is for a local sale. I have perfect feedback on, as well as a local Colorado forum all with the same handle.

Thanks very much, Steve.

Photos taken today: