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i have a 2nd gen Glock 19 with NY Trigger. Bought in ‘01, it’s been used only for semi annual quals ever since. Night sights are dead. Any input on what it’s worth?

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Just got 2 Gen 3 Leo trade-ins from AIM $300 each.. One had never been issued to an officer ... fired twice by Glock factory, casings in sealed envelope and became a Safe Queen in the armory.
Other has a lot of holster rash on the slide.. appears to have been dropped (or used as a club) once, but not shot much. I'll either buy a replacement slide or send this one to be refinished. Serial #'s FNB XXX, born June 6, 2003 almost but not quite consecutive numbers.
There are going to be more Gen 3 Glocks coming onto the market because the factory is making trade-in deals with agencies for the new Gen 5 impossible to turn down. I would expect prices to drop into the $250. to $275. range before the current replacement budget cycle is over. But I couldn't postpone gratification.
Probably no Gen 2's, that ship has sailed. Gen 4's still a few years away.
Q. Anybody have a Gen 3 Tennifer black slide they want to sell ?
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