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Glock 19 with extras and holsters FS

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I have my 19, a don hume 721 owb holster, a don hume 36-4(pretty sure) iwb holster and a smart carry made for the 19 - leaving for the af in a month and want to leave a little extra cash behind for the wife/kids

all are in really good shape - the 19 is a 3rd gen and I bought it about 2 years ago new, has an arotek titanium guide rod with a 15# spring, ghost tactical trigger with over travel stop, mep night sights green/yellow, smooth trigger, flush plug on the bottom, and 4 15rnd mags, original case

just make me an offer if someone wants everything ill give a little on price if not just make an offer for what you want - I want to get rid of this stuff relatively quickly but please dont waste my time with lowball offers, I don't HAVE to sell just thought it would nice for my fam to have a little extra money in savings

I'm in NE ohio - Austintown/Youngstown area
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location :dunno:
NE ohio
Do you have any type of price range you are looking to get?
itd be great to get 650 out of the gun/mag set...
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