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Hey fellas - Just installed a lone wolf barrel, slide, pin set, firing pin spring in my 19. The ammo will not extract. I called rockyourglock and he stated that the barrel needed to be broken in......suggested that I put 25-50 rounds thru it. Well, I've put 80 rounds thru it and every time it jams.

Any advice? I'm gonna have to go to a gun smith for fitting aren't I?

Thanks in advance.


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What ammo are you using?

Field strip the gun. Holding the barrel in one hand pointing down, drop a few loaded cartridges (one at a time obviously) into the chamber. Do the rounds easily drop all the way into the chamber? Tip the barrel up. Do they fall out with nothing but gravity helping them? If the answer to either of these is no, then either your cartridges are out of spec or the chamber is too tight.
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