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Glock 19 shooting impressions

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by cookekdjr, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. cookekdjr


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    Jan 6, 2006
    (Also posted this on thehighroad, but thought I should post it here as well):

    I bought my first Glock recently. It's a G19, police trade-in. Has night sites. Had its interiors replaced just before I bought it. Looks like a trade-in, but the night sites are still bright, and it has the second generation frame (no finger grooves), so it fits my hand better than the new models.
    Took it to the farm this weekend. I brought several boxes of +p+ LE-only ammo. There's a store for cops nearby, and I get a good deal on this stuff. Not as good a deal as the local FBI gave me recently on hydroshocks(read "free") but a good deal nontheless.
    Here's what I noticed during informal plinking on the farm:

    1. This gun is easy to shoot well. Accurate, shot to point-of-aim. Even during rapid fire, I could hit what I was aiming at (in this case, wooden stick I'd arrange like bowling pins along the creek bank).
    2. Recoil was nothing. Yeah, I know this is a 9mm, but everything I shot was marked "+p+". I could run through several hi-caps in a row with no discomfort at all (save for my thumb-nail, which got sore from re-loading).
    3. No jams, stovepipes, etc. Typical Glock ho-hum.
    4. This gun is a keeper. I have long been a fan of the S&W Model 10/M&P/K-frame series. I believe the Glock line is heir to the M&P. Simple. Reliable. Accurate. Effective. What more could you want?

    BTW, I know most folks discovered Glocks a long time ago. I had a 27 issued to me for a few months many years ago (1999), and I liked it well enough, but I wasn't thrilled. I haven't craved one since. This gun...well, I really like it. I trust it, and that's the highest compliment I can make to a gun.
  2. skypan1


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    Sep 16, 2004
    Northern IL
    congrats on the 19 I have reciently bought a 19 also, after shooting my freinds I really felt the need to get one of my own. It is one of the easyest shooting guns I have shot in a long time.

    I am getting a grip reduction and stipple on the frame some slide serations and a nose job on it, should be real nice when it returns nexed week some time.

    I am normaly a .45 guy but since I have shot the 19 I think I enjoy it just about as much as the 1911's that I have.